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Tibet Weather in October

September Climate brief introduction:

Almost 80% of tree leaves become yellow and the weather becomes colder now even through it is still sunny every day. It is cold in early morning and late night. Sun rise time is about 8:50 am while the sunset time is at about 7:00pm. The temperatures in Lhasa usually stay above freezing point, ranging from about 2 °C (35 °F) to 17 °C (61 °F). People love to the enjoy the sunshine as normally the sunshine in October is not so strong but softer.

Climate in Lhasa in October: In october, maximum temperature is 12°C and minimum temperature is 2°C (for an average temperature of 7°C). The climate is quite fresh around this city in october, but it is bearable by dressing hot. With about 30mm over 7 days, rain may be scarce throughout your holidays.

Climate in Shigatse‎ in October: In the month of october, the mean temperature in Shigatsé‎ is 7°C (maximum temperature is 12°C and minimum temperature is 3°C). The climate is rather cold in this location in the month of october, but it is endurable when dressing cosy. With 21mm over 4 days, rainfall is infrequent for your journey.

What to wear in October?

It is better to dress in layers. Warm coat, sunglasses, sun lotions are still necessary. Autumn is still a wonderful time to visit Tibet for it is not too hot or too cold in this season. Tibet will present you an eyeful of different colors in autumn. Though it is quite cool, even warm in Lhasa, down jacket is also needed if you will travel to a higher place of Tibet, like Namtso Lake and Mt. Everest. If you just stay in Lhasa or Nyingchi, comfortable sportswear or casual sweater should be perfect at daytime. At night, a thick coat will make you comfortable.

What to visit in October?

October is one of the best months to leave the Lhasa valley and see the southern attractions such as Shigatse, Gyantse, Yamdrok Lake, Mt. Everest and Kathmandu.

Travelling Tips:

China National Day Holiday falls in the first week of October. It is good to have 5-8 days Tibetan cultural tours or 9-10 days Everest Base Camp adventure this month. If your trip is with Everest Base camp inclusive, you d better have 3-5 days in Lhasa and/or Tsetang to get full acclimatized before going to higher altitude. If you will do some trekking or biking, it is good to finish it before around Oct.20 because it gets colder and colder after Oct.20. According to our experience, trekking groups finish all trekking before Oct.15 in the past years.

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