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Nyingchi Tourist Attractions

Nyingtri is home to huge well-preserved forest with many ancient and rare trees. The tourist sights in Nyingtri are mainly natural marvels. But the Nyingtri tourist attractions are not just for sightseeing. Nyingtri, "The Switzerland of Tibet", is also a dream destination for adventure lovers and daredevils. Here is a short list of the main tourist sights in Nyingtri: Draksum-Tso/Basum-Tso, Lunang Forest, 2500-year-old Cypress trees, Kaqen Glaciers, Namcha Barwa Mountain, Sacred Benri Mountain, Medog Natural Reserves, Zayu Natual Reserves, YiGong National Geological Parks, Buchu Monastery, Lamaling Temple, Taktse Monastery, Dodung Monastery, Galang Palace Ruins and Folk Culture Village.

Namjagbarwa Peak

Namjagbarwa Scenic Zone Travel Guide offers Namjagbarwa Scenic Zone Tours, Namjagbarwa Scenic Zone Introduction and all travel information about Namjagbarwa Scenic Zone (Entrance fee, Telephone, Address) in Tibet.

Basum Tso Lake

Basum Tso Lake Scenic Zone Travel Guide offers Basum Tso Lake Scenic Zone Tours, Basum Tso Lake Scenic Zone Introduction and all travel information about Basum Tso Lake Scenic Zone (Entrance fee, Telephone, Address) in Tibet.

Yarlung Tsangpo Canyon

Yarlung Tsangpo Great Canyon Travel Guide offers Yarlung Tsangpo Great Canyon Tours, Yarlung Tsangpo Great Canyon Introduction and all travel information about Yarlung Tsangpo Great Canyon (Entrance fee, Telephone, Address) in Tibet.

Bayi Town

Bayi Town Scenic Spot Travel Guide offers Bayi Town Scenic Spot Tours, Bayi Town Scenic Spot Introduction and all travel information about Bayi Town Scenic Spot (Entrance fee, Telephone, Address) in Tibet.

Terra Cotta Warriors

The Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses is famed as the “Eighth Wonder of the World” which is the best highlight during your Xian tour.

Mount Huashan – Challenge the World Most Dangerous Hiking Trail

Mount Hua (Huashan) is one of the five sacred Taoist mountains in China. It will take 1.5 hour's drive to get there from Xi'an. A variety of temples and other religious structures nestle on its ridges and peaks.

Xian Ancient City Wall - Best Preserved City Wall in China

Xi'an Ancient City Wall is the largest and best-preserved city wall in China, this travel guide tells you about its history, activities on the wall, the defensive function of the wall, and some useful travel tips.

Giant Wild Goose Pagoda – World Cultural Heritage Site on Silk Road

Giant Wild Goose Pagoda is one of the most famous Buddhist pagodas in China. It houses the Buddhist materials brought back by Xuanzang from his epic journey to India.

Shaanxi History Museum - Pearl in Ancient Capital and Treasure of China

Shaanxi History Museum is one of the most important public museums in China and is well-endowed with historical sites and relics. Now most of these relics, once scattered around the region, have found their way to Shaanxi Provincial Museum.

Muslim Quarter - Muslim Food Street

The Muslim Street is regarded as a tourist scenic spot by foreigners, it's actually considered a snack street by the locals and is an ideal place for locals to kill time during a hot summer.

Drum Tower

Xian Drum Tower is the sister building of Xian Bell Tower, enduring over 600 years. View more about their history, layout, tickets, opening time, performance, and Transportation...

Bell Tower Xian: Ticket, Fee, Performance, Map

Xian Bell Tower is one of the symbols of Xian City. It was built for the purpose of alerting some important things happening

Grand Tang Dynasty Ever-bright City

Grand Tang Dynasty Ever-bright City stretches from the north of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda South Square to the Tang City Wall ruins in the south, from Cien East Road in the east to Cien West Road in the west.

Hanyangling Museum

Hanyangling Museum Facts Located close to Xian Airport, Hanyangling Museum is the Tomb of Emperor Jingdi of Han Dynasty. Less known to tourists, the 2,000 years old mausoleum features in serenity and lifelike pottery figurines and special layout, that

Tang Paradise

Furong Garden, located at the south bank of Qujiang Lake, once was known as the royal garden for Sui and Tang Dynasties in the history of China.

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