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China Panda Tour Packages - Once in a Lifetime Experience

We will offer you the best China Panda tours at a very local price! Here we carefully designed and selected several kinds of panda tours taking you to visit panda bases in Chengdu, Dujiangyan, Wolong and Bifengxia, giving you the rare opportunity to see the lovely pandas in person, feed them or even join volunteer program to take care of them, start scientific research to know their physical facts and conduct hiking research at the wild training area and to know how to protect their natural habitats and ecological balance.

As the first tour operator to arrange Panda Keeper program, Based in Chengdu, TTC proudly provides various choices of panda tours to meet your requirements. From visiting pandas in a zoo, spending a private evening with panda, being a panda keeper, your wish is our command.

Please don't hesitate to inform us what you like and our 1 : 1 panda expert will be happy to tailor-make a unique tour for you and make your tour hassle-free.

What Our Private Tailor-Made Tours Offer You

>> 1-1 Chengdu expert help planning

>> Experiences beyond the tourist attractions

>> The best guides, directly trained and hired by us


Best China Panda Tour Packages

Our China Panda Tours is one of the most popular China Tours, especially for families. A panda tour in China can be booked as a day tour or in-depth 2-3 day tour

Most popular Panda tours and China Tours

The best locations to see pandas in China are the Chengdu Research and Breeding Centre and the Dujiangyan Panda Base. Both are driving distance from Chengdu and offer up-close experiences with beautiful bears.

Usually, the Panda tour only takes 1-2 days, You can choose other cities in China together with Chengdu, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Guilin, Tibet, etc. Tell us your plan and let us arrange everything for you!

Discover Giant Panda Bases Near Chengdu

Aspiring volunteers are not limited to just one location for their panda experience. China has invested funds and resources to care for pandas and ensure they continue to breed and increase in number. Giant Panda Volunteer Programs are available in and around Chengdu. Take your pick from the following options.

FAQs about Panda tour

1. Where can I see pandas?
The best place to see giant pandas is surely at their hometown – Chengdu. It's the only place in the world to be a panda keeper and take a photo next to a panda.
If you would like to see wild pandas in nature, we can arrange wild panda tracing tour in Wolong nature reserve for you. Travel Wolong with China Highlight, you will also have a chance to spend a private evening night with panda!
You can also see giant pandas in zoos of the following cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guilin and Hong Kong.
2. What's the best time to see pandas?
During daytime, it is best to visit during their meal or playing times. Early in the morning 08:30 to 10:30 is very suitable, when pandas come out to eat and play. March to May is the "falling in love period" for pandas, so baby pandas are usually born between June and September. If you come between September and December, you will have a greater chance of seeing cative baby pandas in the panda bases.
Are there any volunteer programs for visitors to take care of them?
Yes, Bifeng Gorge Panda Base and Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding have volunteer programs. For the latest news, check the official notices of these two organizations.
What are the best hours to see captive giant pandas?
They are lazy outside morning hours, especially in summer. It is best to see them in early morning. They are most active around 9 a.m.., so it's better to go there before 9:30 a.m..
Where to be a panda volunteer?
You can choose Bifengxia Panda Base or Dujiang Weir Giant Panda Research Centre.
Special Panda experience at Dujiangyan Panda Park
On TTC China panda tours you can make the most of this special experience if you visit Dujiangyan Panda Base. It’s here you can enjoy a Dujiangyan Panda Keeper Experience, which allows travelers to work as a panda volunteer for the day. This is a rare opportunity during which volunteers can:
Clean the panda enclosure
Explore the panda research base
Hand feed pandas
Get involved in afternoon cleaning and feeding
Make panda food.
We offer a visit to Dujiangyan Panda Base as a private tour, allowing you and your friends or family to enjoy this experience together.

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