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China Guilin Tours & Yangshuo Tour Packages - Guilin’s Scenery is the best in the world!

Guilin’s karst landscape and idyllic countryside are a picture of timeless beauty.Relax on a boat cruise down the Li River, meandering among jutting karst peaks. Cycle on an off-the-beaten-path country road, which most travelers don’t know. See the rural scenery of grazing water buffalos, farmers working in their fields, and small villages with old buildings set among green karst hills.

Guilin in South China is absolutely your satisfying getaway to have great fun with the most beautiful nature and will let you embrace the top skillful masterpieces by nature within its sightseeing wonderland. This fine place boasts super leisure cruise along the real Chinese ink painting gallery of hundred-mile long Li River, lovely rural Yangshuo hidden gem dotted by scattered Karst hills in eye-pleasant emerald and jasper, and unbelievable manmade agricultural rice terrace landscapes in ethnic Longsheng changing various fancy garbs around the year. Not only, its fantastic hills, waters, countryside, rafting, hiking, cycling, photography and other fun and adventures all await you to explore! Guilin never fails to be the darling of its visitors!

How to Plan a Trip to Guilin?

Generally, Li River, Yangshuo County and Longji Rice Terrace are three most popular and separate destinations. For most Guilin travelers, they spend 3-4 days to have fun with the iconic spots in Guilin downtown, enjoy the scenic Li River cruise, and get totally refreshed by the longing countryside lifestyle around the enchanting Yulong River in Yangshuo wonderland. Besides, if there are some more days for you, we suggest plan a total 5-6 days trip and extend to admire the fascinating Longji Rice Terraces and local ethnic culture!

Guilin is usually arranged as a middle stop for lots of foreign visitors to China, and a large portion visit there from the nearby largest gateway city - Hong Kong, with highly convenient daily flights and high speed trains. Besides, many visitors visit Guilin together with other popular destinations such as Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Yangtze River, Tibet, and more in their trips to see more great sceneries, culture and history in China! We offer many classic, in-depth and themed Guilin tour packages for diverse needs of world travelers to have fun no matter they travel solo or with their dear people. Furthermore, all our itineraries are customizable, so please feel free to contact us to customize your own Guilin Trip


Best Guilin Tour Packages

These are the most popular Guilin itineraries for visiting the classic sights. Similar itineraries never mean the same experience. Instead of just show you around, we create unique Guilin experiences: interactions with local people and culture.

We offer you a well-designed classic Guilin tour package, Taste Guilin cuisine, experience the local culture of Guilin, and visit places of interest. eager to give you an unforgettable Guilin tour.

Top China Tours with Guilin

Usually, the Guilin tour only takes 2-3 days, You can choose other cities in China together with Guilin, such as Chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an, Tibet, etc. Tell us your plan and let us arrange everything for you!

The following TRAVELTOURCHINA tours of China & Guilin can be tailor-made to your interests.

Guilin Tours Planning & Useful Articles

How to Plan a Guilin Tours? Planning a Guilin Tours can be overwhelming, but with some research and preparation, you can make the most of your time in this time-honored city. To make things easier, we offer a wealth of Guilin travel information to help you plan your Guilin day tour. Check out our latest and useful articles on topics such as "How to plan Guilin Tours", "Guilin Top Attractions", "Things to do in Guilin ", "Best time to visit Guilin ", and "Guilin travel FAQs". Contact us to start planning your Guilin Tours today and discover the culture and history of China's city. View All Guilin Travel Guide >>

FAQs about Guilin tour

1. When is the best time to visit Guilin?
Though Guilin's climate is suitable for traveling all year round, the best time to visit Guilin and Yangshuo weather-wise is from April until October.
2. How many days are recommended for a Guilin tour package?
To cover the quintessence of Guilin, you need at least 2 nights/ 3 days, usually 1 day for Guilin city tour to cover landmarks like the Reed Flute Cave and Elephant Trunk Hill, and 1 day for the Li River cruise, and one extra day for the stunning Longji Rice Terraces.
3. How to plan my Guilin trip?
3 Days : Li River Cruise & Guilin City
4-5 Days
+Yangshuo Countryside
+Rice Terraces in Longsheng
+Daxu Ancient Town
4. Will my guide be with me on the cruise ship? What is the luggage arrangement?
Yes, in your private tour packages your guide will escort you on the Li River cruise journey. He/she will tell you interesting descriptive names and legendary stories of those major attractions along the river when on board. Let your imagination merge with the guide's explanation.
5. Can I apply for the 72-hour visa-free or 144-hour visa-free transit for a Guilin tour?
Yes, you can apply for the 72-hour visa-free transit for a basic Guilin tour as long as you are qualified to the relevant prerequisites.
6. How much money will you need for your trip to Guilin?
You should plan to spend around ¥387 ($54) per day on your vacation in Guilin, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, ¥130 ($18) on meals for one day and ¥33 ($4.64) on local transportation. Also, the average hotel price in Guilin for a couple is ¥399 ($56). So, a trip to Guilin for two people for one week costs on average ¥5,414 ($753). All of these average travel prices have been collected from other travelers to help you plan your own travel budget.
7. What is the best tour package for Guilin?
Guilin four days and three nights tour package covers 4 days sightseeing as well as 3 nights hotel accommodation in or near Guilin. This is the best product for first trip to Guilin.
8. What to do in Li River in Guilin?
The classic shot of Li River is the one called "fishing lights on the Li River", together with sunrise or sunset. In the… 10. Li River Cruise Full Day Tour of Guilin and Yangshuo including Lunch Take a day trip from Guilin along the impressionable Li River, twisting and turning through lush Chinese landscape that … 11.

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