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Great Wall Tours of China - Once in a Lifetime Adventure

What a fantastic experience to hike the Great Wall of China! Whether you take our guided tours with the Great Wall visit or do it by yourself, you will be obsessed with its magnificent views and grandeur.

A Beijing tour is not complete without the Great Wall, but a Beijing tour with only Great Wall is not complete too if you escape other MUST-SEEs and MUST-Dos in Beijing, such as the grandiose imperial sites of Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven, royal garden Summer Palace, Beijing’s traditional living dwellings Hutongs, Peking Roasted Duck, Kungfu show, etc. Here are our Best Great Wall Tour Packages from Beijing, which will not only take you to explore the best sections of Great Wall – beautiful and less-crowded, but also cover those other MUST-SEEs and MUST-Dos.


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Design Your Own Great Wall Tour Package

If you haven't found your favorite section of Great Wall to visit, or haven't found a trip which suits your plan perfectly, please don't worry. We can help you design your own Great Wall experience according to your interest, time and budget. It's only 2 simple steps to go!

Great Wall Sections Restored/Wild Landscape Hiking Difficulty Crowdedness Distance from Downtown Cable Car Time Needed
Mutianyu Restored Less crowded 74km(46mi) Yes Half day
Jinshanling Half Restored/Half Wild Less crowded 154km(96mi) Yes Half day
Simatai Half Restored/Half Wild Not crowded 140km(87mi) Yes A day
Jiankou Wild Not crowded 72km(45mi) No A day
Huanghuacheng Half Restored/Half Wild Not crowded 80km(50mi) No A day
Gubeikou Wild Not crowded 144km(89mi) No A day
Juyongguan Restored Crowded 56km(35mi) Yes Half day
Badaling Restored Very crowded 75km(47mi) Yes Half day

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