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Mutianyu Great Wall – Chinese Longest Great Wall

Mutiayu Great Wall in Huairou District of Beijing is the so far longest great wall in China. It is a precious great wall of Ming dynasty with fewer tourists, fascinating natural sightseeing, fantastic architectural structure, and intensive enemy towers, etc. Mutianyu great wall has significant historic influence in China.

Mutianyu Great Wall Facts

Mutiayu Great Wall

Name: Mutiayu Great Wall(慕田峪长城)

Type: World Heritage Site, Ancient Ruins, Hiking Trails, Outdoor Activities, National AAAA Tourist Spot

Best Seasons: Spring/Autumn; particularly for April, May, September and October

Recommended Visiting Time: half day

Opening Hours: 07:30-17:30

Tickets: RMB 45

Address: Baohai Town, Huairou District, Beijing, China

Where is the Mutianyu Great Wall?

Mutianyu's Great wall of China, located about 73 kilometers northeast of Beijing; is a beautiful section, steeped in history, with many unique and interesting features.

Originally built in the Northern Qi Dynasty (550 – 557), the Mutianyu section was rebuilt during the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644), to guard and protect the capital and the imperial mausoleums.

The 2.5 kilometer Mutianyu section is the longest fully-restored section of the Great Wall that is open to tourists, and Mutianyu's Great wall of China is less crowded than the Badaling and Juyongguan sections.

Mutianyu Great Wall map

The views of Mutianyu Great wall

Breathtaking Scenery. Mutianyu's Great wall connects the Juyongguan Pass to the west, and the Gubeikou Section to the east. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, Mutianyu’s Great wall of China has unbeatable scenery year around.

Mutianyu Great Wall

The Mutianyu section is encircled with gorgeous flowers in the spring, verdant greenery and forests in the summer, colorful autumn foliage in the fall, and pristine white snow in the wintertime. It is open year-around, so you can travel to the awe-inspiring section during any season.

Mutianyu Great Wall

Interesting Features.

Mutianyu's Great wall of China measures from 7-8 meters tall and from 3-4 meters wide, and is unique for several reasons. Constructed of mostly granite, it is almost indestructible. There are a total of 22 watchtowers along the Mutianyu's Great wall of China, at about 100 meter intervals, and many steps. Parapets are on both sides, with unique square embrasures built-in below. Along the many perpendicular ridges that jut out from the Wall, there are tail walls extending in both directions, to increase the defensive advantage. Another interesting fact is that there are three connected watchtowers at the Zheng Guan Tai gate – one large one in the middle, and smaller ones on either side – a design not found in other sections of the Great Wall of China.

sideview great wall of china Mutianyu

Access to the Wall

Mutianyu's Great wall may be in a rugged location, but year-around travel is undemanding with the first-rate cable lift. And even more exciting is the wheeled toboggan ride down from the Wall that runs on a winding metal track. Hikers who enjoy a challenge will love the trek with the steep incline to the top of the Wall as well as, the thick forested surroundings.

Cablelift Mutianyu great wall

Cablelift Mutianyu great wall

So the fact is that travel to Mutianyu's Great Wall of China is a great way to experience the glorious history of China in a beautiful location, with easy access using the top-rated cable lift.

Why visit the Great Wall

Mutianyu is the longest and best fully-restored Great Wall section open to tourists with 23 original-style watchtowers. Today's wall is a replica of the Ming Dynasty fortifications in 1568. You can appreciate its original glory. Pine and maple trees cover over 90 percent of the surrounding area. The natural scenery seen from Mutianyu varies all year round. In autumn, the surroundings look like a golden sea.

Mutianyu great wall in Autumn

Unique features of the Mutianyu Great Wall

Mutianyu Great Wall has its features both in architecture and sightseeing, which is why it is called the outstanding great wall. And with much fewer tourists, you can totally appreciate the beauty of this good place.

Precious Great Wall from Ming Dynasty

The Great Wall of the Ming dynasty is a world miracle for its magnificent vigor. Differing from other great walls, especially the Great Wall built by the first Emperor of Qin, the great wall of the Ming dynasty is built to prevent the disturbance of the rulers of nomadic people from northern China. It is also unique one of the longest construction period, hugest project, and the most complete defense system in Chinese history. And Mutianyu Great Wall is regarded as the “Essence of the Great Wall of the Ming dynasty” for its imposing and very solid characters.

Great Wall tour guide

Densely Placed Watchtowers

The distance between the Great Watchtower and Zhengguantai (正关台) is only less than 500 m, but there sets 4 watchtowers. And there are even 25 watchtowers of different purpose-built within the only 3,000 m section. It is rare to see a watchtower about every 100 m in a section of a great wall.

Charming Scenery

Mutianyu Great Wall enjoys diverse beautiful scenery in four seasons for its very high vegetation coverage of over 96 %. In spring, you can appreciate the flower sea of many kinds and multiple colors; when summer comes, the whole scenic area is changed into the green with running streams, which is a super spot for eye-pleasure and soul-cooling; In the fall, all the red leaves on the mountain painted Mutianyu a charming shining place and delicious fruits are ripe, and people call it the golden Beijing; While in winter, the white snow cover this area into a gorgeous lady in a silver evening gown, and it is a great time to see the beauty of northern China.

Most Well-preserved Primate Great Wall

Most sections of the Mutianyu Great Wall are perfectly protected since long ago. Therefore, visitors can see the authentic look of this kind of historic site, from the magnificent watchtowers, and walls of layers of bricks to the ancient past paved by the hardworking ancients. Walking on the old way, you can both know the strong culture of the great wall and the wisdom of ancient Chinese people and feel the labor and pain while constructing this great project.

Full Stereoscopic Impression

Another feature of the Mutianyu Great Wall shows in its stereoscopic impression upon visitors, since it was built near the mountains and this is the real essence. Some parts rise for 533 m within 10 towers. Though some sections gently fluctuate, the whole great wall rises and falls like a flying giant dragon.

Things to Do in Mutianyu Great Wall

It is especially meaningful and unforgettable to take a hike on Mutianyu Great Wall. You can feel the painstaking process of ancient laborers who built this masterpiece by laying the heavy bricks one by one, while climbing higher step by step. Furthermore, you can get stuck in the picturesque scenery along the way up, with blossoms, lush trees, splendid view of clouds, etc.

Mutianyu Great Wall is a worth-going place for shutterbug. They can get a close shot of the historic project of treasure that is perfectly kept till now. Moreover, the fascinating sightseeing from the colorful spring, emerald summer, to the golden autumn and the niveous winter, all make you satisfied with your shoot.

Since Mutianyu Great Wall Scenic Area provides the standard slide way for tourists, people can take a try to get a distinct feel. As this great wall has steep topography, it is very exciting to take a toboggan, rising and falling along the mountain. This very safe tool will drive all your stress away and make you enjoyable.

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