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Popular Beijing Chinese Food, Snacks & Cuisines

Popular Beijing Chinese Food, Snacks & Cuisines

Chinese cuisine is renowned all over the world for its appearance, aroma, and flavour. As the capital of China for over 800 years, Beijing developed its own unique cuisine incorporating the best features of different regional styles and reached its present form in Qing Dynasty (1644 AD - 1911 AD). Among the most famous dishes, there are Court Cuisine, Beijing duck, Halal snack, vegetarian dessert, street food, etc. Here, we have the most representative Beijing Chinese food and snacks listed for your food hunting in Beijing!

To make your food more colorful and interesting in Beijing, we have digged out the featured snacks with lots of fun. It could be unique experience and even once-in-lifetime experience. Choose your likes and enjoy!

Top Food and Snack in Beijing

  • Peking Duck(Beijing Duck): Recipe, and How to Eat It

    Peking duck(Beijing duck) is one of Chinas largest culinary exports. Binch into the hill of crispy duck skin, juicy meat, turnips, cucumbers, green onions and sweet bean paste neatly wrapped in thin pancakes, and youll see why Peking duck has appealed to the stomach for centuries including the stomach of ancient Chinese emperors. It is said that roast duck was first introduced in Nanjing more than 1,500 years ago, when the cit...

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