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Xinjiang Tour Packages and Guides

Experience the remarkably diverse landscapes of Xinjiang and discover the cultural bridge between the fascinating Middle Eastern Islamic civilization and modern development in this midpoint of the 2,000-year-old Silk Road.

Compared to other travel destinations in China, Xinjiang still remains its holiness and mysteriousness with fewer crowds. During ancient times, many kingdoms originated from here then disappeared, only left some ruins and sites behind.

As the most important part of ancient Silk Road, Xinjiang used to be a trading center of Middle Asia. There are many bazaars inherited from thousands years ago which can't be missed when traveling in Xinjiang. Due to its spectacular geography condition, Xinjiang also features in amazing nature views, such as plateau lakes, snow mountains, desert, flaming mountains, etc.


Classic Xinjiang Tour Packages

The suggested itineraries below cover the most popular destinations in Xinjiang. Whether you are a first-time visitor who wants to experience the highlights, a natural scenery lover eyeing north Xinjiang, or dreaming of a cultural adventure in south Xinjiang, you will find top suggestions here. All of them can be customized into your own personalized Xinjiang tour.

Tour Hot Destinations in Xinjiang

As the largest province in China, Xinjiang never fails to provide wonderful places to visit. No matter you are seeking for a cultural experience or a natural satisfaction, you can always find a place to go. The most classic and widely visited destinations are the capital Urumqi, cultural Kashgar and historical Turpan. It is suggested to visit at least two of them in your Xinjiang trip. The alluring Heavenly Lake is located close to Urumqi too. Kanas in northern Xinjiang is also very recommended especially for those who love landscape photography. After visiting Kanas, you can extend your nature trip to Karamay, Sayram Lake, Ili, etc. The southern Xinjiang area is full of cultural experiences especially Silk Road culture. Popular destinations are Kuqa, Taklimakan Desert, Hotan, etc. We have great tours to all above recommended destinations. Browse below tour collections to find your favorite package. You can also ask us to tailor a tour of your own if you want.

Xinjiang Travel Guide - How to Plan a Trip to Xinjiang

To help you plan your lifetime Xinjiang trip, we have put together the essential Xinjiang travel guide and some useful tips from insiders for you. You can find the places you are interested in on our map, learn about attractions, transportation, weather, accommodation, itinerary planning and other helpful advices in our informative articles. If you have any other travel idea or questions, please fee

China Silk Road Tours including Xinjiang

Xinjiang could be a perfect extension of any China trip especially for trips to those destinations along the ancient Silk Road and neighboring provinces, such as the colorful Gansu, beautiful Qinghai, holy land Tibet, unique Ningxia, historical Xian, etc. If you want, you can even travel Xinjiang with Beijing’ s Great Wall, Shanghai’s modern city and watertown, Guilin’s Karst mountains, Chengdu’s Giant Panda, Zhangjiajie’s Avatar world and other popular destinations in China. Generally, in-depth Xingjiang tours only take 8-10 days. We recommend that you visit Xingjiang with Tibet, Gansu, Qinghai and other places. Trust us. Just tell us your plan and our professional travel consultant will help you customize the Xingjiang and China tour packages.

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