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Kanas Lake

Kanas Lake
Kanas literally means “a beautiful and mysterious lake” in Mongolian. Xinjiang Kanas is a China National AAAAA Level Tourist Attraction, a National Geopark, a National Forest Park, a Nature Reserve & a National Natural Heritage property. Usually, people call it Kanas. Located in the north of Burqin, Altay Prefecture, Northern Xinjiang, Northwest China, near the border area with Mongolia, Russia and Kazakhstan, Kanas is a huge natural scenic area, which mainly consists of three big parts - Kanas Lake, Hemu Village and Baihaba Village.

What are the Charms of Kanas Lake and Xinjiang Kanas National Geopark?

Amazing Heavenly Natural Scenery: With stunning natural beauty, Xinjiang Kanas has long been praised as “A Fairyland on the Earth” & “the Garden of the Gods”. It’s a big feast for eyes when sightseeing the pretty blue Kanas Lake water, endless lush forests, green & snowy mountains, vast grasslands, and a once-in-a-lifetime pastoral experience when breathing the fresh air and staying overnight in authentic Tuwa ancient villages. Different types of scenery set off each other brightly, and their colors and sights vary from season to season. Highlighting spots and scenes during the colorful autumn are the most appealing photography inspirations for both tourists at home and abroad.

Pristine Tuva Villages & Tuva Ethnic Culture: Kanas Village, Hemu Village and Baihaba Village near Kanas Lake are the three last surviving Tuva villages in China. Tuvas of the Mongolian still live in a simple and original lifestyle of animal husbandry. The isolated villages are very picturesque with iconic timber houses, hazy chimney smokes and mists and wide-spread birch forests, which can easily bring people back to a basic living.

Flourishing Ecosystem of Flora & Fauna: Kanas is an extremely rare national natural reserve with features of the European ecosystem and the only region in China having south Siberian vegetation and wildlife. 798 plants have been discovered, including the symbolic birch and precious larch, Korean pine, spruce, fir, etc. Animals including birds, fish, insects, amphibians and reptiles make up a perfect biodiversity and an interesting natural world.

Mysterious Legends of Kanas Lake & Water Monsters: As an old Chinese saying goes, Genghis Khan and his troops found the beautiful Kanas Lake on his expedition to the west. They decided to rest and reorganize by the lake. Genghis Khan quenched his thirst with a drink of the lake water. One clever general explained it was the Kanas water - holy water of Khan (emperor of Mongolia). Hence, the lake got its name. The remains of Genghis Khan reputedly sank deep into Kanas Lake. The Tuva people, who firmly believe that they’re the descendant of Genghis Khan, therefore, guard the great ancestor by the lake for generations. The mysterious water monsters once caught public eyes are said to be elves protecting his soul against disturbance while some think they’re giant Hucho Taimen. Anyhow, the legend adds mystique and fascination of Kanas Lake.

Highlights to Explore in Xinjiang Kanas National Geopark

Kanas covers an area of 10,030 square kilometers and consists of 55 scenic spots, 33 kinds of landscapes, including lakes, mountains, forests, grasslands and so on. It has the only Switzerland scenery in China and is the cradle of the Irtysh River - the only river flowing east to west to the Arctic Ocean. Main attractions in Kanas include five lakes (Kanas Lake, Black Lake, White Lake, Yaze Lake, Swan Lake), four bays (Wolong Bay, Moon Bay, Shenxian Bay and Camel Neck Bay), Taiga Forest Corridor, Guanyu Pavilion, three Tuva villages (Hemu Village, Baihaba Village, Kanas Village) and Tuva ethnic people. Apart from viewing, visitors can also make a relaxing boat trip on Kanas Lake, an adventurous hike along the lake and Taiga Forest Corridor, spending one night in a Tuva village and photographing appealing scenery.



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