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Beijing Guilin Tours - China Tours include Beijing and Guilin

Golly, China is so massive, how to start a China tour? A trip to Beijing and Guilin is strongly recommended for you because you can enjoy a fantastic trip which combines both the best parts of China’s culture and nature. Culture? you can stay 2~3 full days in Beijing, one of the greatest ancient China capital cities, to explore China’s glorious history. Nature? Guilin will never disappoint you as it is widely believed to have the fines scenery in China. It’s best feature is the vast Karst hills and beautiful countryside. The tourism industry of both Beijing and Guilin are very developed with top-class amenities for tourists - flexible choices of hotels, convenient transportation, delicious local food, rich experiences…

The mountains and rivers of Guilin are the most beautiful all over the world.

How to Plan a Memorable Beijing Guilin Tour?

You can begin your tour either from Beijing or from Guilin. Beijing serves for many flights to majority of international cities, so it is very easy to start China tour at Beijing. Guilin has fewer international flights, but you can get to Guilin from Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Shenzhen conveniently. No matter you travel from Beijing to Guilin, you can transfer efficiently by both flights and high speed trains. In Beijing, you should stay at least 3 days to sample the best sites of this majestic ancient capital - grandiose Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven, magnificent Great Wall, local Hutong living experience, etc. While in Guilin, you also have to stay at least 3 days so that you can cover it’s Golden Triangle - Guilin city, Yangshuo and Longji Rice Terraces.


Beijing Guilin Tour Packages

Below are our travel experts’ handpicked the best Beijing Guilin tour packages. In 7~10 days, you could take either Beijing Guilin tour or Guilin Beijing tour by flight (3.5 hours), by high speed train (8 hours) ,Experience China’s ancient and modern capitals by visiting Beijing and Guilin. Then be inspired by naturally beautiful Guilin, the Li River, and Yangshuo. Choose your travel length and way to transfer and start the impressive Beijing Guilin Tour - all inclusive & best value!

Popular China Tours including Beijing and Guilin

Beijing and Guilin are usually on the destination list of first-timers. But if time allows, you are strongly recommended to plan more days to create a longer China vacation which also covers other popular destinations, such as Chengdu, Lhasa, Xi'an, Shanghai, Yangtze River, Tibet, etc.

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