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Chongqing Tours and Popular China Chongqing Tour Packages

Chongqing Tours - 100% No Shopping Stops: Not only the Yangtze River, the Mountain city Chongqing has more to offer than you expect.

Chongqing as the launching point of the classic Yangtze River cruise and visited by over half tourists to China every year to close up to the awesome Three Gorges, great Three Gorges Dam project, and more worthy brilliant places along telling the nature, culture, history, folk life and more along the Yangtze, second longest river in the world!

How to plan a Chongqing tour

You can explore the best highlights of Chongqing in many flexible ways. Only 3 or 4 full days are needed to have an essential trip in Chongqing which will cover the most popular attractions - Dazu Rock Carvings, Wulong Karst Landscape, Hongya Cave, Ciqikou Ancient Town, If you have more days, you can go for an in-depth Yangtze River Cruise are or photography, and explore more hidden attractions in the city.

Travel Chongqing with other hot destinations in China

Since Chongqing and Yangtze River Cruise are usually planned as a middle part of a longer China trip, you are also recommended to do as most travelers to discover with more destinations like Zhangjiajie, Chengdu, Guilin, Xian, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, etc. TTC has designed many classic China tour packages including Chongqing for you. Please make your choice from our collections or let us customize one for you.

Our meticulously designed Chongqing group and private tour itineraries ranging from day trips to weeklong all-inclusive vacation packages enable you to enjoy every corner of the city. Join our China tours from Chongqing to explore the country to the full!


Best Chongqing Tour Packages

These are the most popular Chongqing itineraries for visiting the classic sights. Similar itineraries never mean the same experience. Instead of just show you around, we create unique Chongqing experiences: interactions with local people and culture.

We offer you a well-designed classic Chongqing tour package, Taste Chongqing cuisine, experience the local culture of Chongqing, and visit places of interest. eager to give you an unforgettable Chongqing tour.

Top China Tours with Chongqing

Usually, the Chongqing tour only takes 3-4 days, You can choose other cities in China together with Chongqing, such as Chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an, Tibet,Guilin,Zhangjiajie etc. Tell us your plan and let us arrange everything for you!

The following TRAVELTOURCHINA tours of China & Chongqing can be tailor-made to your interests.

Chongqing Tours Planning & Useful Articles

How to Plan a Chongqing Tours? Planning a Chongqing Tours can be overwhelming, but with some research and preparation, you can make the most of your time in this time-honored city. To make things easier, we offer a wealth of Chongqing travel information to help you plan your Chongqing day tour. Check out our latest and useful articles on topics such as "How to plan Chongqing Tours", "Chongqing Top Attractions", "Things to do in Chongqing ", "Best time to visit Chongqing ", and "Chongqing travel FAQs". Contact us to start planning your Chongqing Tours today and discover the culture and history of China's city. View All Chongqing Travel Guide >>

FAQs about Chongqing tour

1. When is the best time to visit Chongqing?

Chongqing is characterized by a monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate. With its very hot and sultry weather, the city is known as one of the three hot furnaces of the Yangtze River delta.

Summer (June – September): Summers are extremely hot and humid with an average temperature about 30°C.
Winter (December – February): This season is often gloomy and mild with rare snowfalls. The temperature in winter is between 5°C-11°C on an average.
Spring (March – May): The temperature fluctuates through the course of the season. It starts out to be cold and gradually turns hot.
Autumn (September – November): Autumns are generally pleasant, though there are sharp intervals and changes in the temperature.

Chongqing can be on your itinerary planners any time except the months of summer. But the best time to visit the city is during the autumn season (September and November).

2. How many days are recommended for a Chongqing tour package?
More than 90% Chongqing tourists visit there for the 3-4 nights Yangtze River cruise, and most of them spend half to 1 day to see the best highlights in downtown area before departure, and also, a large number extend another 1 day to see the impressive world heritages at Dazu Rock Carvings or Wulong Karst Landscape.
3. How to get to Chongqing?
Usually, there are two means of transportation to get to Chongqing: by air and by train. You can take flight to Chongqing from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Xi'an, Chengdu, and Changsha. You can also take the train to Chongqing from Beijing, Shanghai,Guizhou, and Changsha. Bus is available From Chengdu.

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