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Best-selling China Family Tours

China has abundant culture differences, and is a great destination for a family holiday. Our private China tours for families with kids offer an easy and flexible pace tailored for every family. You not only get to see all the key attractions, but also enjoy some unique experience that you can only have in China! Such as being a panda keeper, hiking exclusive great wall at night, learn Kongfu with monks in the Shaolin Temple…

Furthermore, we also care about what is really matter for family travelers, such as the easy pace itineraies, family friendly activities, comfortable accommodations and safe transport... All can be tailored for your family needs.

>> Tailor-made: 1:1 China-based expert allocated – every family trip is designed to your interests with quality service.

>> Flexible itinerary: Share experiences together with the people you love most: Hiking, cooking, cycling...

>> Accommodation: Selected accommodation to satisfy your needs- hotels with pools, family apartments…

>> Activities: Experience unique activities with the people you love most.


Best 4 China Family Tours

China is too vast to explore and you are advised to spend over one week discovering China with your family. Below are our 4 best-selling tours covering abundant activities in most popular tourist destinations to meet different interests of your family members. You will undoubtedly enjoy a wonderful experience with your kids in China, involving various activities. Choose one of them to unveil your best China family tour.

China Tours by Theme

Want to find some featured and in-depth experiences in China? Here we have many! If you’ve got an idea of which style of trip you prefer, just browse our following different travel themes. If you are desired to explore some special highlights of China, there’s always something to suit you. Whether you’re an adventure lover, history fan, or fascinated by wonderful nature, China has a themed trip that's perfect for you.

Classic China Tours - Recommended by Travel Experts

To help you travel China in a valuable and enjoyable way, our travel experts selected some classic tour packages from our wide collection of tours. The eight top-rated tours designed with distinctive features get to the very heart and soul of China, taking you to explore the iconic sights with brilliant culture, amazing vistas, natural wonders, and legendary Kung Fu…

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