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China Family Tours Packages & Vacation

China family tours are travel packages specially tailored for families to ensure you have an unforgettable family trip or vacation to China with loved ones. China has abundant cultural differences and is a great destination for a family vacation. Take your family on a memorable adventure in China and experience the country's culture, nature, cuisine, etc. We offer an easy and flexible pace tailored for every family. You and your family can visit all the major attractions, and enjoy some unique experiences you can only have in China! For example, being a panda keeper, hiking the Great Wall at night, learning Kongfu with monks in the Shaolin Temple, etc.

We also offer customized private China tours for families with kids. We create a variety of kid-friendly tours with educational and fun activities to ensure you and your children have an unforgettable vacation. In addition, we also care about what matters for family travelers, such as easy-paced itineraries, family-friendly activities, comfortable accommodations, and safe transport. All can be tailored to your family's needs. Our customized and personal service ensures you have an unforgettable family time in China with your loved ones.

>> Tailor-made: 1:1 China-based expert allocated – every family trip is designed to your interests with quality service.

>> Flexible itinerary: Share your tour experiences with your loved ones: Hiking, cooking, cycling...

>> Accommodation: Selected accommodation to satisfy your needs- hotels with pools, family apartments…

>> Activities: Experience unique activities with the people you love most.


Best 4 China Family Tours

China is too vast to explore and you are advised to spend over one week discovering China with your family. Below are our 4 best-selling tours covering abundant activities in most popular tourist destinations to meet different interests of your family members. You will undoubtedly enjoy a wonderful experience with your kids in China, involving various activities. Choose one of them to unveil your best China family tour.

China Tours by Theme

Want to find some featured and in-depth experiences in China? Here we have many! If you’ve got an idea of which style of trip you prefer, just browse our following different travel themes. If you are desired to explore some special highlights of China, there’s always something to suit you. Whether you’re an adventure lover, history fan, or fascinated by wonderful nature, China has a themed trip that's perfect for you.

Classic China Tours - Recommended by Travel Experts

To help you travel China in a valuable and enjoyable way, our travel experts selected some classic tour packages from our wide collection of tours. The eight top-rated tours designed with distinctive features get to the very heart and soul of China, taking you to explore the iconic sights with brilliant culture, amazing vistas, natural wonders, and legendary Kung Fu…

FAQ of China Family Tours


Common Questions about China Family Tours with kids

What is the best time for China family tour?
There is no restriction or set departure dates, you select the dates that work best for you. The weather will be decent from March to November. We can offer private customized tours based on your plan.
Will my children like the food?
Yes, those activities are suitable for children and operated with extreme care. Our tour guide will offer a help to ensure your children's safety. First aid kids are prepared just in case.
What things in China are best suited to children?
There are many things to do with children in China. We selected some interesting and popular activities for children in our family tours, which include panda experience, dumpling making, hand making terra cotta warriors, Chinese cooking class and cycling on the Ancient City Wall.
Just tell your needs because we can offer more activities, such as hiking, swimming in Water Cube, Kung Fu experience and etc.
What's the accommodation like?
To ensure you enjoy good rest during holiday, we carefully select family-friendly hotels, taking into consideration factors like Trip Advisor reviews, our previous customer feedback, location, availability of swimming pool and inter-connecting rooms, etc.
I have a large family, can you offer me some discount?
Sure! The more people in the group, the lower the price per person. You can save up to $400 if your tour group is more than five people. It is a good opportunity to invite your relatives to get this offer.
Will my children like the food?
There is enormous variety of food available in China, including Western food, fast food, vegetarian food and sea food. It is almost certain that there will be dishes your children like to eat. Our guides are experienced in helping select dishes they will like.

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