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Tibet Tours from Chengdu by Train/Flight

Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province in southwest of China, is the major overland gateway to Tibet. Affectionately known as “the Land of Abundance”, Chengdu enjoys a great reputation for being the home to adorable giant pandas. The first-timers to Chengdu may find it surprising to see many locals, socializing in the small tea houses, joking with folks while masterfully playing Mahjong.

Why tour from Chengdu to Tibet

Chengdu is the most popular gateway city to Tibet both by flight or train. Daily flight(train) makes it easy to reach the pure holy land for you.

Chengdu is the hometown of the Giant Pandas, it also offer other spectacular experience, such as museums, cuisine, ancient buildings, etc. Imagine the marvelous journey covering cute pandas and mysterious Tibetan culture and landscape!

Visiting our office in Chengdu, we deal with your itinerary, payment and other stuffs together to design a wonderful Tibet travel experience.

Important News: the latest departure time of the train to Lhasa (Z322) has been updated. On every other day, Z322 leaves Chengdu North Railway Station at 21:37 and arrives in Lhasa at 09:55 on the third morning, with a total duration of 36hrs 18mins. If you want to take a train to Tibet, lease plan your trip accordingly.

How to plan a Tibet tours from Chengdu

Usually 2 or 3 days are needed to visit the highlights in Chengdu and take flight or train to Lhasa. You can spend a whole day to explore the bests in Chengdu, such as Panda Reserve Base, Wenshu Temple, Jinli Street. Other activities depends on your scheduled flight or train. If you can spare out some part time, you can visit Renmin Park, Jinsha Relic Museum or watch a Sichuan Opera Show.

As for the part in Tibet, two destinations should be covered - Lhasa and Everest. Lhasa is the transfer center as well as the first destination in Tibet where houses Potala Palaces and many magnificent Buddhism monasteries. After 1 or 2 days stay in Lhasa, you can travel around to other places, such as Namtso Lake, Nyingchi, Shannan, Shigatse, Ngari as well as Mount Everest.


Most Popular Chengdu Tibet Tours by Train / Flight

Are you planning to tour to China and Tibet? board a flight or train to the holy land Tibet. The following are our specially tailored Chengdu to Tibet tour packages - enjoyable and budget.

Top Chengdu Attractions

Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province in southwest of China, is the major overland gateway to Tibet. Affectionately known as “the Land of Abundance”, Chengdu enjoys a great reputation for being the home to adorable giant pandas. The first-timers to Chengdu may find it surprising to see many locals, socializing in the small tea houses, joking with folks while masterfully playing Mahjong.

  • Chengdu Panda Base

    The Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base (or Chengdu Panda Base for short) specializes in baby pandas and their care. It's one of the most popular destinations to see pandas. And it's a must-go place when you go to Chengdu.

  • Wu Hou Temple

    The Wuhou Temple (The Temple of Marquis Wu) in Chengdu's south suburb is the most famous and influential of the temples dedicated to Zhuge Liang who lived from 181 until 234 AD.

  • Jinli Street

    the Badaling Great Wall. You will have the opportunity to hike along the wall for about 2 to 3 hours. After lunch, we will visit the Ming Tombs, including the inside of the Changling tomb. The Ming Tombs are the final resting place for 13 of the emperors of China’s Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644)

  • Mount Qingcheng

    Mount Qingcheng is a famous Taoist mountain, one of the places where Taoism originated. The mountain became UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000, and featured in the Kung Fu Panda movies of 2011 and 2016.


Useful Guide and Tips about Chengdu to Tibet Tour

However, the seemingly slow pace of life can’t hide the city’s vibrancy and long history. Till 2016, 272 of Global Fortune 500 have taken root in Chengdu, for its favorable location of logistics, commerce, finance, science and technology, transportation, etc. Travelers will find it hard to stop savoring spicy and pungent Sichuan cuisine. The history of Three Kingdoms, Su civilization, and ancient streets, bustling nightclubs, many world-class natural heritage around are well worth a stop before travelling to Tibet.

Besides, Chengdu is the most important and nearest gate to Tibet. Everyday, around 10 flights fly form Chengdu to Lhasa, which is the capital of Tibet, 2 flights to Nyingtri which is in the west of Tibet, and 3 flights to Ali in east Tibet. It will take us only 2h 15min flying from Chengdu to Lhasa or from Chengdu to Nyingtri. There is also a train from Chengdu to Lhasa every 2 days. 43 hours, 2 nights on the train, we can enjoy fantastic views on the Qinghai-Tibet railway which is the highest railway in the world. Nowadays, our government is planning a rail directly from Chengdu to Lhasa., when finished , only 8 hours on the train. Taking a flight from Chengdu to Lhasa is an excellent choice if you planned to have more impression in China besides Tibet. Not only you can get cheap air tickets, you can enjoy the wonderful sightseeing in Sichuan Provinve.

Chengdu Lhasa Flight Info

There are DAILY flights leaving Chengdu for Lhasa, and most direct flights from other cities go through Chengdu to Tibet.

Flights usually take 2.5 hours from Chengdu to Lhasa, and you can choose to leave in the morning or the afternoon, for the flight that meets your needs.

Chengdu Lhasa Train Info

At present, there is only two trains commuting between Chengdu and Lhasa – Z322 from Chengdu to Lhasa and Z324 from Lhasa to Chengdu. In every other day, Z322 runs from Chengdu Railway Station at 21:37 and arrives at Lhasa Railway Station at 09:55 on the third day, taking 36hrs 18mins. In the next day, Z324 departs from Lhasa Railway Station to Chengdu Railway Station. It departs at 18:30 and arrives in Chengdu at 07:00 on the third day, and the whole trip costs 36hrs 30mins. There are 6 midway stations on the way, including Guangyuan, Lanzhou, Xining, Delingha, Golmud and Nagchu.

1. Honored as the Hometown of Giant Panda and Land of Abundance, Chengdu has attracted lots of tourists. Before travel to Tibet, you can take a short stop to visit the adorable pandas as well as experience the slow-paced life in Chengdu.

2. Chengdu is the departure station of Z322, and it’s much easier to book a train ticket and get the berth or seat you want.

About Tibet Travel Permit when Travel from Chengdu to Lhasa

The prerequisite for Tibet travel is to get Tibet Visa (also known as Tibet Travel Permit). You may follow the easy steps below to get this indispensable travel document.

How to Apply for Tibet Visa

a. E-mail us the photo copy of your passport and Chinese Visa at least 20 days before your Tibet tour starts. b. Normally, Tibet Visa will be issued after 2-5 days after we pass your documents to Tibet Tourism Bureau.

How to Get Your Tibet Visa in Chengdu

Since one of the offices of Travel Tibet China is located in Chengdu, as usual, after we get your Tibet Visa, and we will mail it to your hotels in Chengdu or you are welcomed to take it yourself in our Chengdu office, 5-7 days prior to your departure for Lhasa. In some extreme cases, our staff will even deliver it to your hand before departure at airport or railway station.

Top China and Chengdu Tour Packages

The bustling Chengdu is known as the hometown of Giant Pandas, reputed as the Land of Abundance and famous for “laid-back” living pace, and never forget is also UNESCO’s City of Gastronomy. You can easily travel from Chengdu to any other hot travel destinations in China by flight or train, such as Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Guilin, Lhasa, Hong Kong, etc. TTC has designed many classic China tour packages including Chengdu for you. Please make your choice from our collections or let us customize one for you.

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