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China Photography Tours Packages & Shoot Photos

China photography tours are travel packages designed for enthusiasts to ensure you shoot beautiful photos and have unforgettable photography trips to China. If you like photography, China is heaven. China is a vast and diverse country and presents numerous photography opportunities. Our photography tour takes you to experience the fairy-tale valley in Jiuzhaigou, stunning shots of the sunrise over the Karst mountains, the excellent vision of the Terrace in Yuanyang, the finest countryside views in Guilin, etc. In addition, Jiangnan Water Town offers typical ancient Chinese ink painting photos. Finally, street life or documentary can allow the photographer to spend several days on the streets. Start your China photography tour and seize the unique opportunity to capture the diverse beauty of China.

We insist on helping you discover the best photography locations and show you the best of China. All the arrangements and attractions of our photography tours are considerately designed for you. We create a variety of photography tour packages to ensure you have an unforgettable photography trip. In addition, we offer private photography tour planning and guiding services. We'll provide you with a great photography guide. Our travel experts are fluent in English and easy-going, and can also help you with composition, lighting, and camera settings. Our focus is on taking you to explore the most beautiful images at the best locations with our enjoyable photography tours.


Most Popular China Photography Tour Packages

If you have a passion for taking photographs, China will not disappoint you. China has rich resources of natural scenery, such as Guilin, Xiapu's Mudflat, and Gobi Desert. The beauty of Mt. Huangshan, Guilin, and Mt. Huashan is unparalleled in the world, and Jiuzhaigou Valley resembles a dreamland. We carefully create a variety of China photography travel packages. Let us take you to the most photographed places in China to get an in-depth tour of China's history, landscapes, and cultures.

China Tours by Theme

Want to find some featured and in-depth experiences in China? Here we have many! If you’ve got an idea of which style of trip you prefer, just browse our following different travel themes. If you are desired to explore some special highlights of China, there’s always something to suit you. Whether you’re an adventure lover, history fan, or fascinated by wonderful nature, China has a themed trip that's perfect for you.

What's an ETC Photo Tour Like?

Easy Tour China’s photography tours are crafted around your specific travel and photography styles. Besides, we are dedicated to enriching your life and helping you see the real China.

- All trips will be customized. Plan your own trip with our 1-on-1 destination expert based on your interests, goal and pace, and enjoy peerless service. We provide useful tips and advice, and always adjust the itinerary according to season, weather and some local festivals. We can design a photography tour for 1 person or a group of people.

- Local expert guide lead the tours, which means you will always take the best shot at the right spot and at the perfect time. We know where to see fisherman boating through mist at sunrise, find the best places to shoot Yangshuo’s breathtaking idyllic scenery, and when to shoot the mudflats of Xiapu fishing village as the tide rises and falls. Drone photography is popular all over the world, but not allowed everywhere. Dongchuan Red Land, the karst mountains in Guilin are among the top sites for drone photographers. We would be happy to recommend more and help to register your drone in China.

- Your trip is more than photography. We are local residents in China, knowing the destinations intimately and enjoying sharing our culture, tradition and real lifestyle with you. Our passion is to create for you an extraordinary photo tour and a cltural discovery -- through hidden gems, interesting traditions and real encounters. There are endless portrait photography chances - capture awesome shots when you are invited into a tribal family in Longji Rice Terrace, ramble a market with Hani people in Yuanyang, meet a farmer walking his buffalo on a stone arch bridge in Lishui or simply sip tea at a Mongolian yurt.

- It will be an award-winning trip. For pro, China offers the best landscapes, diverse enchanting minority culture, stunning historical and modern architectures, and untouched places that remain its original characteristics and are sure to be spellbinding. Through your creational works, they will be shown in a different angle. For amateur, you will be awarded with happy time with family and friends. Thousands of thumbs-up might be the best award.

Tailor-make Exclusive Tours for Pros

Professional photographers will shoot unique scenery in some must-see and exclusive spots. Your guide will help you to avoid the crowds, and take you to sunrise or sunset places in the right time according to your needs. Ask our travel advisor to tailor-make your phtography tour of China!

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