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Beijing Shanghai Tours - Best Itinerary and Prices

Traveling Beijing and Shanghai to enjoy a blend of the past and present of China!

Beijing and Shanghai are two most popular tourist destinations in China. They are two of the places you must go if you visit China for the first time, both having diverse things to do, high-quality accommodation, amazing food, featured cultural activities. For a thousand years, the drama of China’s imperial history was played out in Beijing, with the emperor sitting enthroned at the center of the Chinese universe and today the city is a very different one, it remains spiritually and politically the heart of China. The great metropolis Shanghai creates an impression of the most fashion-conscious and outward-looking city in China, showing travelers a totally different side of China. No matter you take Beijing to Shanghai tour or Shanghai to Beijing tour, surprises can be found in every corner for you to explore. At TTC, we are sure to have a discovery tour that suits you best.

The distance between Beijing and Shanghai is 1088 KM.. You can easily transfer between two cities by high-speed bullet trains (4~5 hrs) and direct flights (2 hrs). Both two cities are suitable for travelling all year around.


Beijing Shanghai Tour Packages

How to plan your perfect Beijing Shanghai tour? You can travel either from Beijing to Shanghai or from Shanghai to Beijing. In Beijing, you need at least 3~4 full days to hike the Great Wall, visit the Forbidden City, Summer Palace and other must-see attractions. While in Shanghai, you need at least 2~3 days. Must-visit sites include the Bund, Yu Garden, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Towers (or Shanghai World Financial Center). If time allows, you can extend your trip to nearby Suzhou, Hangzhou and Huangshan Yellow Mountain. Here are Top 5 Beijing to Shanghai/Shanghai to Beijing tour packages for you to choose.

Beijing Shanghai Extension Tours

Take 2-3 days to do the memorable side trips from Beijing or Shanghai. Along the Beijing Shanghai rail, you’ll easily reach the Confucius Hometown and explore Confucianism deeply. In East China, immerse yourselves either in exquisite water towns or magnificent Yellow Mountain with hiking experience.

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