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Guizhou, located in the southwest of China, not only has Huangguoshu Waterfall, the largest one in China, but also contains various minority groups, especially the Miao and Dong. To appreciate the unique Karst landscapes, to experience the featured culture of various ethnic villages...You will be amazed by their traditional ways of living and working with the natural surroundings for centuries in your Guizhou Tours.

Guizhou, literally means "precious land" in chinese. What such a ironic name it is for a province that is regarded as one of the poorest in China! But brimming with dramatic landscapes, rich in minority culture and diversity in ethnic folk festivals, Guizhou is absolutely an amazing destination that should be list on any traveller's itinerary.

Outside the modern capital Guiyang, the magnificent natural sceneries appear almost otherworldly, offering a delightful paradise for photographers and hikers. Terraced fields creep along the sides of rolling mountains, and striking karst landforms and crumbling stones display a unique picture. Giant Zhijin Cave lives beneath the earth, and cascading Huangguoshu waterfall flows over the steep mountain. All these splendid things stumble you onto a wonderland that you would never forget.

Besides, the colorful minority groups rank as the top appeal of Guizhou. Our tours lead you to discover the scenic area of Southeast Guizhou, where the majority of ethnic villages are located. Stepping into the ancient Drum Tower in Zhaoxing Dong village and wandering among rows upon rows of stilted wooden houses in Xijiang Miao village, you will be welcomed by the hospitable minority people to share their unique cuisines and simple lifestyles. The Miao's New Year and Sister's Meal Festival are usually atop tourists' itinerary. All of these will contribute to an ethnic odyssey, the memories of which will last a life time. Come and enjoy the very best Guizhou tour!


Classic Guizhou Tour Packages

Our private Classic Guizhou Tour Packages gives insight into the diverse minority cultures and beyond it, Guizhou as China's new big data valley and wonderland of picturesque karst landscape is expected to be discovered.

The following routes are examples to help you tailor your own Guizhou tour. Tell us what you would like. Our dedicated one to one experts are waiting to create a unique tour to suit your preferences.

Tour Hot Destinations in Guizhou

In the diverse Guizhou Province, there you’ll find quite many great destinations to discover, no matter beautiful landscapes, brilliant culture, mysterious history, etc. Huangguoshu Waterfall in Anshun is the Asia largest and world most magnificent waterfall for cool fun time with water and drops; Fanjingshan is the proud UNESCO Natural Heritage site to marvel peculiar rock peaks with rich Buddhist solemn; Guiyang is the most important gateway and provincial capital with finest comfort and leisure forest parks to release; Southeast Guizhou (including Kaili, Congjiang, Rongjiang, Zhaoxing, etc.) is the core area to have a wonderful savory of diverse ethnic minority customs of Miao, Dong, Buyi, Shui, etc. Furthermore, Guizhou also boasts a large number of popular and gorgeous places for your appreciation, such as Libo with World Heritage sightseeing of South China Karst, Chishui with fiery China Danxia Landscape, Bijie with fantastic Karst cave, Liupanshui with golden autumn ginkgo forest, and so forth. Here we offer 2-7 days classic tours, in-depth tours, themed tours, etc. of each top hot destinations for your inspiration. Also, useful travel guide information (including attractions, things to do, weather, transportation, accommodation, etc.) are also available for your easiest Guizhou trip planning!

Guizhou Travel Guide & Articles

Want to make clear about the must-knows and everything of Guizhou? We here have the really helpful comprehensive travel guide and travel articles of all top popular destinations in Guizhou and let you clearly about what to see travel around, where to stay and more practical travel tips. So you will know what and how to experience like a local! If you have more questions or any h

Top China and Guizhou Tour Packages

Guizhou is located bordering Chongqing and Sichuan (Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou, Leshan, Mount Emei, Daocheng Yading...), Yunnan, (Kunming, Lijiang, Shangri-La, Dali...), Guangxi (Guilin...) and Hunan (Zhangjiajie, Fenghuang Ancient Town, Changsha...), which makes it very popular to travel to those bordering and also popular destinations with both splendid culture and scenery for an in-depth exploration of the southwest part in China, before or after a 3-7 days Guizhou vacation! Besides, if you have longer vacation, you are also highly recommended to travel Guizhou with Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Yangtze River, etc. for a richer discovery of vast China! Browse our following well-organized Guizhou China tours to have the best scenic and cultural experience in China. Furthermore, if you have other attractions or destinations want to discover or any other idea to plan your own Guizhou China trip, please feel free to tell our professional travel expert to customize your own Guizhou China tour! Start your vacation now!

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