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Guizhou Weather Guide - Best Time Visit

Guizhou has a warm and humid climate, which belongs to the subtropical humid monsoon climate with little temperature change, warm in winter and cool in summer. The average temperature of the coldest month (January) in Guizhou is usually between 3°C and 6°C, higher than that of other regions in the same latitude. The average temperature in the hottest month (July) is generally 22°C ~25°C, which is typical of cool summer areas. The annual average temperature in Guizhou is about 15°C. With more precipitation, more cloudy days and less sunshine in the rainy season (from March to August), the annual rainfall in Guizhou Province is about 1197mm. Relative humidity during the year is about 77% and the frost-free period is about 270 days.

Best Times to Visit Guizhou

The pleasant weather in Guizhou makes it suitable for visiting all year round. The natural scenery is most splendid in summer and autumn, as the weather gets warmer and precipitation increases a lot, the amount of water in rivers getting bigger and bigger, it’s the best time to appreciate the magnificent Huangguoshu Waterfall in Guizhou. Hiking to the holy Fanjingshan would also be a good trip to escape the summer heat of big cities. If you are interested in ethnic customs, head to southeast Guizhou in spring and winter when many local festivals are celebrated, explore the primitive ethnic Miao and Dong villages in Kaili, Rongjiang and Congjiang, then extend your adventure to the thousand-year-old Zhenyuan Ancient Town to enjoy architecture and folk houses there.

Guizhou Seasons to Go

Guizhou in Spring

Guizhou Spring
Spring is from March to May. It is warm and humid in spring in Guizhou province. The average temperature during spring is about 16°C. Monthly precipitations rise dramatically from 72.2mm in March to 207.9mm in May. However the days of rainfall do not change much, about 10 days during March, 13.5 days during April and 13 days during May. Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal, temperature rise, trees sprout and the grass turns green. Peach, cherry, apricot and pear flowers compete to blossom forms a thriving scene which makes spring a good time for visitors to enjoy the beauty of flowers.

Seasonal Activities in Spring:

1. Visit Miao Villages in Qiandongnan Guizhou: In early spring, if lucky you may encounter some Miao Ethnic Festivals in famous Miao villages near Kaili such as Xijiang Miao Village and Upper Langde Miao Village. Join the groups of celebrators and integrate into local life will absolutely highlight your trip!

2. Plan a Hiking Tour to Fanjingshan: Fanjingshan is decorated with light green grass and colorful wild flowers in spring. With fresh air, golden rapeseed flowers in Dong villages nearby and rhododendron blooms all over the mountains, this tour would linger in your heart for a lifetime.

3. Enjoy Guizhou Food in the Capital City - Guiyang: There are more than 100 kinds of traditional local snacks in Guiyang, satisfied with all your picky taste bud. Pay a visit to the night market and feast your appetite with Siwawa and Sour Soup Fish. Then take a walk to Jiaxiu Tower to appreciate the best night view in Guiyang.

4. Cherry Blossom at Red Maple Lake: From March to April, more than 700,000 cherry trees bloom together at PingBa Farm near Red Maple Lake, covering an area of 6,000 mu. It’s the largest cherry tree base in China. Visitors can enjoy different varieties and different colors of cherry trees here. Driving through the farm, both the left and right side of the road are boundless sea of flowers. All the way, accompanied by flowers.

5. Rhododendron Blossom at Bijie: Head to the largest native rhododendron forest in China - Bijie Baili Rhododendron National Park and enjoy the gorgeous rhododendron valley in the sunrise. There are more than 60 species of rhododendrons growing on the 50km long narrow hills. What's more amazing is that "different flowers blossom in one tree". Seven species of flowers can be found on one tree.

6. “Golden Sea with Snow-capped Mountains” in Panjiang Town: Every year near vernal equinox, distant mountains and near hills in Yinzhai Village are all covered with blooming white pure plum. Ten thousand miles of rapeseed flowers draw a golden sea, thousands of snow-white plum flowers and pear flowers are like the snow capped over mountains and hills, two pictures add radiance and beauty to each other and together constitute the magical landscape of "Golden Sea with Snow-capped Mountains". In the ancient village, blue tiles, fire walls, stone embanked courtyards and ancient doors have a strong Bouyei village custom, just like an appealing wash painting.

Festivals in Spring:

★ Sister’s Meal Festival (15th - 17th third lunar month): Sister’s Meal Festival is also known as the Ethnic Valentine’s Day held in Shidong Town, Taijiang County. During the festival, young men sing songs to show their love, young women would dress up and make colorful steamed rice as gifts to their loved one. Before or after the festival, you can pay a visit to the 2000-year-old ancient town - Zhenyuan Ancient Town. Overlook the town in a distance from Shiping Mountain, you can discover a harmonious Taichi outline integrated by the ancient town, Wuyang River and Qinglong Cave Architecture Complex. It’s an unmissable place for ancient architecture addicts.

What to Wear in Guizhou in Spring: Light sweater and long sleeves are enough. And remember to bring a light coat with you because the early morning hours and night hours may be a little bit cold. Wearing comfortable walking shoes if you are planing hiking tours to minority villages or mountainous area. Umbrella and mosquito repellent are also musts.

Guizhou in Summer

Huangguoshu Waterfall in Summer

Guizhou is a veritable summer resort. Even in the hottest day in summer, temperature would rarely pass 30°C. The monthly average temperature in Guizhou summer is about 26.3°C and the somatosensory temperature can be kept at 23°C. Summer is Guiyang’s rainy season. Rainfalls in June, July and August are all exceed 100mm, with 196mm, 118mm and 122mm separately. Besides, high vegetation coverage rate, flourish wetland resources and uncontaminated water resources also make Guizhou a natural oxygen bar. Air quality in Guizhou is very good.

Seasonal Activities in Summer:

1. Appreciate the Grand Huangguoshu Waterfalls in Anshun: As the top and most famous scenic spot in Guizhou, Huangguoshu Waterfalls is a must-go place in summer. Down from the mountain to see the rushing water in Baishui river is overwhelming, all the way down to the mountain concave, hanging strings of white silk everywhere in the valley. The waterfall is really like a heavy eiderdown quilt, covering more than half of the mountain.
2. Drive to Libo and Enjoy Diverse Green Colors in Seven Small Arches Scenic Area: As the unparalleled Karst forest on the same latitude in the world, Libo is praised as “the emerald on the Earth’s belt”. Strolling around in the natural landscape of Libo, apart from the exquisite scenery of “Head up like Zhangjiajie, Head down as Jiuzhaigou”, there are also rich ethnic customs. Primitive villages of Bouyei ethnic, the peculiar culture of shui Ethnic, the strange customs in Yao villages and the exquisite clothes and handicrafts in Miao villages are all very appealing.
3. Enjoy Danxia Landform and Bamboo Sea in Chishui:: Take a walk in the enchanted sea of green. With the protection from the towering Bamboo Sea, even the hottest sunray left nothing but mote tree shadows when passing through. Over 170,000 miles of phyllostachys pubescens throughout the mountains, is really a rare spectacular scene. Climb the unique "sea view tower", visitors can have a panoramic view of the boundless rippled bamboo sea.
4. Weining Caohai Lake and Hosta flowers in Bijie: There are not only the boundless sea of bamboo on the way to Bijie from Guiyang, but the ocean of flower and grass. From July to August, hosta flowers all over the mountains are the most beautiful gift from Bijie to its’ visitors. When visit bijie, never miss the bright pearl on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau - Weining Caohai Lake! Every year during the transition of summer and autumn, the bottom of lake would be meticulously paved by grass. When a bamboo raft rowing by, the lake rippled gently.
5. Come to Asia’s Provence Bijie and Immerse Yourself in the Splendid “Purple Ocean”: With no cold in winter and no heat in summer, and the climate is pleasant in Bijie Chives Plateau. It has been selected as one of the top ten summer mountain resorts in China with the reputation of "Cool guide", and the first famous summer mountain resorts in western China. Every year from July to September, tens of thousands of acres of wild chives flourish at the top of the Big Chives Plateau Mountain. With its stunning display of purple ball flowers dot between green leaves, Wherever your eyes go, the sea of flowers rolls with the wind like waves, so it is also called “the sea of flowers on the clouds.”

What to Wear in Guizhou in Summer: Summer clothes like T-shirt, shorts, sun-protective clothes are recommended. Wear your cat and sunglasses to prevent from the summer heat, especially during the noon hours. And bring your rain gears with you, because the weather in summer is changeable. Do not forget your Mosquito Repellent.

Guizhou in Autumn

Guizhou in Autumn

Autumn is the best time to visit most places in Guizhou province with its fresh air and pleasant days of sunshine. Though this season changes into winter in a short time, you can still catch this time to visit southeastern Guizhou and find the biggest Xijiang Miao Village and feel the hospitality of Miao people. The average temperature during autumn is about 17.6°C. Though there might be a slight rise in rainfall in October, with about 104mm, rainfalls in September and November are all less than 70mm, with 66mm and 68mm separately.

Seasonal Activities in Autumn:
1. Explore Ethnic Festivals in Miao Villages around Kaili: Autumn is the best time to blend into ethnic villages. After a half year of hard work, autumn is the harvest season, therefore there are lots of festivals celebrated in autumn, such as Miao New Year, Lusheng Festivals, etc.
2. Stick around Guiyang for Several Days before Enter into Villages: There are so many local flavored delicious cuisines and snacks in Guiyang waiting for visitors to taste. After meeting wild macaques in the city mountain park, Qianling Park. You can take a car to Huaxi, enjoy the local famous Huaxi beef rice noddles, then wander around wetland in Huaxi Park and immerse yourself in the crisp and iridescent fall. After a daylight leisure park tour, drive back to the city center and go directly to the night markets in Guiyang. You can get a real feast for your appetite.
3. Rafting and Admire the Beauty of Flowers in Weining Caohai Lake:: Rafting a boat under the sunset to feel the astonishing autumn scenery in the poem - “When the rosy clouds are drifting away with a lonely wild duck across the sky at sunset, you look down and catch the water blending into the vast expanse of evening sky in the distance”. Thousands of acres of marigold, lavender, and Gesang flowers bloom along the Caohai lake. Vast fields of golden, pink, and mauve scattered in the board lake of green.
4. Walk into a Idyllic Scroll in Jiabang Terraced Fields:: Due to different elevations, terraces on the same hillside have different shapes and colors from light to dark, forming a series of exquisite pictures. Together with the stilted houses of Miao minorities scattered in the fields, locals are either preparing for autumn harvest or spending their spare time. The idyllic scenery in Jiabang is infinite and absolutely deserves to be regarded as “a museum of farming culture”.
5. Cycling through Wanfenglin and Appreciate Golden Paddy in Xingyi: Ride along Fengdu Avenue, Wanfeng Avenue, Raocheng Ring Road, Nahui Village, etc., cycling through the landscape like the ink painting in Wanfenglin and have a special riding experience.

Festivals in Autumn:

★ Leishan Miao New Year: The Date of Miao New Year varies in different years, normally from September to November of the Chinese lunar calendar. During Miao New Year, all the villages in Leishan County near Kaili celebrate the harvest of this year and pray for the coming year. Visitors may have a chance to appreciate the traditional music performance of Lusheng, bullfights, horseracing, etc.
★ Dong Song Festival: The Dong Song Festival is popular in Tianzhu, Jinping, Jianhe, Sanhui, Zhenyuan, etc. in southeast of Guizhou. One of the most grand is the Singing Field at Tianzhu Duma on the 20th of the seven lunar month. The song festival would last for three days, it could reach as many as two or three thousand people at the peak time. The time of the Dong Song Festival varies from place to place. For example, the Dong Song Festival in Gaoba village is July 20 by lunar calendar. On this day, not only unmarried young people can sing together in small groups, engaged lovers or first marriage couples can also enter the song field freely choose people to compete.

What to Wear in Guizhou in Autumn: T-shirts, thin sweaters, long pants and light jackets or coats are the best choices. And do remember to bring your umbrella and sun protection like sunglasses and sun cream with you. Mosquito repellent is also suggested.

Guizhou in Winter

Guizhou in Winter

Winter in Guizhou starts in December, and the coldest month is January. Since it rarely snows, the average temperature is about 5-7˚C. The total rainfall of three months is about 120mm, even less than one month rainfall in summer.

Seasonal Activities in Winter:

1. Festival Season in Guizhou Province: Winter is the low tourist season in Guizhou, but it is the season with the strongest ethnic festival atmosphere. Every ethnic village is brimmed with the joy of the festival. Pay a visit to Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village, Upper Langde Village, Huanggang Dong Village and Zhaoxing Dong Village, etc. you will receive the warmest welcome. Living in the village for several days and enjoying the happy festival moment with local ethnic people is one of the best ways to learn local culture and customs.
2. Good Time to Appreciate Ancient Architectures:: In the low tourist season, it will be much less crowded (ticket price in some attractions might be cheaper) in the top cultural attractions in Guizhou, such as Qianling Mountain and Qingyan Ancient Town in Guiyang, Zhenyuan Ancient Town in southwest part of Guizhou. Cold but refreshing winter will add different beauty to historical sites and attractions.
3. Appreciate Karst Landscape in Zhijin Cave:: Zhijing Cave is one of the best Karst caves in China. Zhijin Cave Scenic Area has a wide space with three floors. There are more than 40 kinds of deposits, such as stalagmites, stone pillars, stone buds, etc. forming a Karst landscape of various shapes. The scenery of Zhijin Cave is not affected by the weather, therefore it’s suitable to visit all year around even in winter.
4. Meet Black-necked Crane in Caohai Lake:As the largest natural lake in Guizhou province, Caohai Lake is the largest wintering place for black-necked cranes in China. Every winter, thousands of rare birds come here, therefore Caohai is also being praised as “the bird kingdom”. It’s an unmissable place for bird lovers and photographers.

Festivals in Winter:

★ Lusheng Festivals: Lusheng Festival varies in different years, normally held in September or from January to February of the Chinese lunar calendar, visitors may enjoy the festival at Zhouxi Town in Kaili. The origin of the Lusheng Festival is to celebrate the harvest and worship ancestors. During the festival, locals would play Lusheng (a musical instrument made of bamboo) and dance with it, drink rice wine, eat sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves.
★ Jump Flower Festival: The Jump Flower Festival is a less known festival held in Liupanshui city. It will raise your intention to visit Guizhou even in this chilly weather. The festival is normally held at Shuicheng County on 25th February of the Chinese lunar calendar. In order to commemorate the ancestors and pray for good luck and peace, all families of Xiaohua Miao branch would gather at Nankai Sankoutang Jump Flower Field. During the festival, there are activities like selecting flower trees, inviting flower trees, sending flower trees, inserting flower trees, flower trees worship, flower trees collect.

What to Wear in Guizhou in Winter: Warm sweaters and jeans and overcoat or down jacket are recommend if you are going to visit the villages or climb mountains.

How to Plan A Guizhou Tour

With comfortable weather, Guizhou is suitable to visit all year around. Most visitors prefer to plan a long trip covering 2-4 destinations in this province to explore the best natural wonders and proud diverse ethnic minority culture there. For such types, they usually travel from Guiyang and plan an itinerary like Guiyang - Anshun - Qiandongnan (Kaili, Rongjiang, Congjiang or Zhaoxing), or Guiyang - Anshun - Fanjingshan - Qiandongnan, which usually needs 5 to 7 days.

Best Time to Visit Qinghai: May to October is available to travel most area in Qinghai, especially July and August when the weather is most comfortable.

1-2 days in Guiyang:
For easy arrival by flight or bullet train. And take the rest time discovering Qingyan Old Town, Jiaxiu Tower and 1 or 2 top city parks to get to know the cool and pleasant Guiyang capital city;

1 days in Anshun:
Absolutely admiring the provincial symbolic Huangguoshu Waterfall with various types of beauty. Drop by the dazzling Dragon Palace, or Tianlong Tunpu Military Village if you have 1 more day there;

2-3 days in Qiandongnan (Southeast Guizhou):
Spend 1 day visiting the No.1 Xijiang Miao Village, Upper Langde Miao Village and Qingman Miao Village with Miao girls dressing mini-skirt in Kaili and transfer along to Rongjiang and Congjiang visit some Dong villages such as Zengchong Dong Village, Zhaoxing Dong Village, etc.. Tourists can go north to Zhenyuan Old Town if you have another 1-2 days;

1 day in Fanjingshan:
If you are fond of the incredible natural formation, plan 1-2 days for the transfer and full discovery of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage mountain resort.

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