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Things to Do in Guizhou

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Guizhou Province in China’s southeast part is proud of its rich natural wonders and diverse ethnic culture. Asia’s largest waterfall, China’s No. 5 Buddhist Mountain, the largest Karst Cave in China, China’s largest size of Danxia Landscape and so forth can all be found in Guizhou! Plus it is the major home to more than 18 ethnic groups of China’s 56 minority groups. Guizhou is absolutely a perfect land for vacation! Whether you are looking for the marvelous natural wonders or profound Chinese culture, you will find something in Guizhou!. Here we list the top Guizhou attractions with different features for your reference and all these attractions can be added to your Guizhou tour.

What’s the top attraction to visit for travelers to Guizhou? What are the best things to do? What are the points of interest most recommended for first-timers? The answers vary from tourist to tourist. To help you find inspiration for your trip to Guizhou, below we list some of the most worth-seeing tourist attractions covering both natural and cultural highlights in Guizhou.

Top Attractions in Guizhou

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