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China Hiking & Trekkig Tours

Get tired of travel on wheels? It is time to stretch your legs to take some REAL adventures. Well, the hiking roads never run out in China.

Our hiking trips cover some of the most famous routes in China – from the memorable historical hike on Great Wall to the leisure walking along the beautiful Li River in Guilin, from stunning scenic climbing the Mount Huangshan to the fabulous high trek in Tiger Leaping Gorge that seems above the clouds, from the natural and Buddhist deep stairs in Mount Emei to the steep and thrilling stone path on Mount Huashan…there’s a calf-stretching trip to suit every level of fitness and expertise. All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other.

The biggest feature of our Hiking is that we only take you to get some enjoyable treks instead of serious expedition to unknown gorges, some of highest mountains in the world, or barren plateau with extreme weather. We focus on the leisure pace of trek, safe adventure and deeper touch to local custom.


Best Hiking Trails in China

Every memorable journey starts with a single step, and the greatest destinations require more steps to explore. So don't hesitate to travel China for an adventure that engages the muscles as well as the mind. Now we have the best hiking destinations in China, you bring your legs and a sense of adventure.

China Tours by Theme

Want to find some featured and in-depth experiences in China? Here we have many! If you’ve got an idea of which style of trip you prefer, just browse our following different travel themes. If you are desired to explore some special highlights of China, there’s always something to suit you. Whether you’re an adventure lover, history fan, or fascinated by wonderful nature, China has a themed trip that's perfect for you.

Tips for hiking in China

1. Avoid hiking during the monsoon season: According to different destinations they have different climates. To make a hiking trip, please avoid it during monsoon season if your travel time is flexible.

2. Best seasons for hiking in China: Generally the best seasons for hiking are spring and autumn. It is neither too hot nor too cold.

3. Prepare some food before the hike: The destinations of hiking are often located outside the city in mountains or on the banks of the river. There are no restaurants or the restaurants are located far away. Please prepare some food or snack if you’re hungry during hiking.

4. Prepare sufficient mineral water

5. Prepare sunscreen and raincoats

Recommended Hiking Tours on Beautiful Mountains

If you are a big fan of mountains, here are some hiking tours you might be interested in. From the famous mountains in the east to the magnificent gorges in the west, every tour could be an exceptional experience.

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