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    What You Need to Know Before Booking China Train Tickets

    China is now known to have the world’s vastest and fastest train network. Being possibly the most economic means of travel, train is flavored domestically and it is still highly likely to encounter ticket shortage during important festivals and national holidays. That being said, the railway system is not necessarily friendly to foreigners. Here are some articles that would help you understand what to expect for booking trains in China:

    Service on Bullet Trains

    What service is provided on China high speed trains? Where can you get service from the attendants? Check the details about language, guidance, foo

    Toilets on Bullet Trains

    What do you expect toilets on a China high speed train? Toilets on China bullet train are clean and odor-free with squat toilet, western-style toil

    Food & Drinks on Bullet Trains

    What can you eat and how to eat well on a China high speed train? You can buy/order food and drinks in dining car, at food trolley or buy food and

    Luggage Racks & Allowance

    Checked the details for carry-on baggage allowance normal train, and checked luggage, porter service, useful tips and ect.

    First Class and Second Class

    What’s the difference between First Class and Economy Seats on bullet train in China? First Class Seats vs. Second Class Seats by comparing price

    Second Class Seats

    China Bullet Train Second Class Seats is the economy class with comfortable size, and low ticket fare. Check seats arrangement, equipment, and othe

    First Class Seats

    The best-valued China Bullet Train First Class Seats are better than Second Class Seats and cheaper than Business Class Seats. Check seat size, car

    Business Class Seats

    China High Speed Train Business Class Seats are the best and luxury seats. Check its benefits, services, and differences between the First Class Se

    Alteration of China High Speed Train Tickets

    How to alter China train/high speed Train tickets? When can/cannot you make an alteration? Check more document, policy, charge and items for changi

    Best China High Speed Train Packages
    To let you find the best trips which get the very essence of China, at the same time allow you to use the fashionable high speed trains as the major transportation means, we have designed many traveler-friendly tour packages, covering many highlighting destinations in China. Race on back of the Oriental Dragon now! No matter it is your first trip, or the second or the third in China, China Discovery will always offer you a suitable tour package which take you to explore China in the best way. Take a train tour among following recommended tour packages to explore China now, or contact us to design your own China holiday!
    China High Speed Train Types
    You know China has the largest high-speed railway network in the world with currently over 100 cities in China with a population greater than 1 million and expected to grow to 221 cities by 2025, linking by high speed trains. Taking high speed train to see and explore the vast China is one of the most fashionable ways to travel within China. The train experience would be delightful with relatively cheap tickets, painless security, comfortable seats, air-conditioned cabins and plenty of legroom.

    China Fuxing Trains

    Fuxing Train is the newest Electric Multiple Unites train firstly operated in 2017. It is entirely designed and manufactured by Chinese and offers

    Normal Trains in China

    Normal/regular train, specified with Z, T, K, L, Y, is the conventional train in China with a speed at and below 160km/h. Check advantages, disadva

    China High Speed Train

    China intercity high speed train (c train), expected to reach 6,222 kilometers by 2020, runs at a speed of 200 km/h which is highspeed trains runni

    China D-series Trains

    D train is the second fastest China high speed train running top speeds to 250 km/h. Check D train quick facts, seats, ticket prices, facilities, s

    China High Speed Train (G Train)

    China high speed train (G-class), covering 80% cities of China, runs at a speed of 250-400km/h which is the fasted & most advanced train in China.

    China Train Travel FAQs

    You may encounters questions when buying China train tickets during your train travel in China. The frequently asked questions below regarding ticktet booking, ticket change & cancelltion, and train travel may be helpful to you. Read more about China Train FAQs.

    How many days in advance can I book China train tickets?

    China train tickets released 15 days before departure online. At train stations and ticket agencies, tickets go on sale 15 days in advance.

    But you can book tickets with Travel Tour China more than 15 days ahead. Actually, it is recommended that you book tickets with us as early as possible, especially during Chinese holidays and peak periods.

    What can I do if tickets are sold out for my route?

    Even tickets are sold out for a route, sometimes we can still find alternatives. Please call us or send us an email to find out the possibility.

    If tickets are sold out after you place the order, we will provide alternatives and suggestions if your first choice is unavailable. Payments are 100% refundable if we are not able to obtain your tickets.

    I filled out the wrong name/passport number when making the booking, what should I do?

    Before your tickets are issued, we can change the name/passport number in our system and use the correct passenger's information to issue tickets.

    After tickets are issued, we are not able to change the passengers' information. New tickets need to be issued with the correct name/passport number.

    Can I use e-tickets to board the train?

    E-ticket services are available for all trains in China. You can check in with your passports at the manual check point to board the train, with no need to collect a paper ticket.