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Second Class Seats

The Second Class Seats are the basic standard type of seats onboard high speed trains in China, however, they are actually highly recommended by a lot of travelers from other countries and regions to experience the super-fast bullet train. Although belonging to the same class of the second ones on the airplane, in fact, the bullet train Second Class Seats are much more comfortable and cost-efficient. Let’s see the benefits you will get from the Second Class Seats on China high speed train at blow before your desired riding.

Why to Choose the Second Class Seats on a High Speed Train?

Second Class Seats

Since the Second Class Seats are the Standard Economy Class Seats on China High Speed Train, several hundred to over one thousand tickets are offered to passengers on one train. Therefore, you will have a much greater possibility to book your train tickets successfully. Furthermore, you can get many benefits by choosing the Second Class Seats on China high speed train.

Comfortable Second Class Seating

All Second Class Seats on all high speed G trains, D trains and C trains in China are designed into about 45cm in width, wider than the standard class seats on an airplane. Also, there is no seat belt on there but large space between each row of seats, so you will enjoy much larger legroom and sit in better comfort. Besides, all seats can be adjusted backward, with the range of 5-24 degrees, so you could sit or lean back to have a rest.

Seating Arrangement

In the Second Class Seats carriage on China bullet trains, every 5 seats are arranged in each row. Two seats on one side and three on the other side, separated by the aisle of about 65cm wide in the middle of the carriage. Usually, all seats face to the same one direction, however, on some trains, seats may face to the central part of the carriage.

Low Ticket Prices

Second Class Seats are the cheapest among all seats onboard bullet trains. If you are traveling on the train for less than 5 hours, the Second Class Seats are recommended with enough good experience and more importantly to save your money. Also, regardless of the riding duration, it is the best seating for budget-considering travelers in China. For example, from Beijing to Shanghai, the First Class Seat needs about 933RMB, while the Second Class Seat costs about 553RMB. If you choose the second one, you could save about 380RMB for other highlights or souvenir at your destinations to add more joy into your trip.

Equipment & Facilities at Hand

You can find and enjoy lots of convenient equipment and facilities in the Second Class Seats on bullet trains that on normal trains.

Tray Table

Every passenger has one individual tray table on his/her seat. The tray table is at the back of the front seat, just like the arrangement of those on the plane. You can put it down if you want to read books, use computer, have meals and snacks, or put your things on.


Second Class Seats carriage offers many electrical sockets for the free use of passengers onboard. Usually, there is one at the below and central back part of the front seats in each row, may be at the three-seat side or the two-seat side of the carriage. Both two-hole and three-hole kinds are provided. Therefore, the charging of phones, computers and almost other kinds of digital devices are all available.

Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser is provided at nearly every connection part of the train carriage. As clear sterilized boiled water is prepared, you can press the button to easily drink it to replenish water in your body and travel in a healthy way. If you can’t find the water dispenser or still don’t know how to use it, please ask the train attendants for help.


Every Second Class Seat carriage has toilets at the end parts. Most carriages offer both Chinese and Western styled toilets, for the convenience of world travelers. In the Western toilet, toilet paper, sanitary toilet seat paper cover, washing sink, undrinkable water, mirror, sockets, etc. are prepared. However, as the toilet paper may not be replenished in time while used up, you are suggested prepare yours in advance to avoid the embarrassment. However, some carriage only offers the Chinese styles. Also feel free to ask the attendants if you can’t find the Western styled toilets.

LED Display Screens

Passengers can see the LED Display Screens above at both ends of the Second Class Seat carriage. Both screens will show the inside temperature, speed, next stop (about 10 minutes before arriving), etc. in both Chinese and English. You can keep notice on the screen to know when to get off at your destination. Also, nearby the screens, you will see the sign of toilet occupation/vacancy to know if the toilet vacant.

Better Environment for a Conversation Riding

Passengers in the Second Class Seat carriages usually feel freer. If you want to chat with your friends and families during the trip, you could absolutely book the Second Class Seats to enjoy the chatting and have no worry about disturbing others. Also, such class of carriage offers a greater environment for you to get closer to the local life of Chinese people and a cool chance to practice and improve your Chinese.

Good Carriage for Train Travel of Family

Only in the Second Class Seat carriage, the train attendants will recommend some food and beverage with a serving cart. They usually serve the snacks several times during the whole train trip, therefore, if you travel with your children, you could select your favorites and enjoy your snack time together happily.

Apart from the above benefits, the Second Class Seats onboard high speed trains in China also offer more other equipment, facilities, great things to do good for your trip onboard, including the LCD TVs, window shades, luggage racks, etc. If you have any questions about the China High Speed Train Second Class Seats, please feel free to ask our Travel Consultant for help, who will give you good answers and help you plan your high speed train tour in China. Also, if you want to know more about the differences between the First Class Seats and the Second Class Seats, please check at First Class Seats vs. Second Class Seats to know the details.

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