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Xian High Speed Trains

Xian is an ancient city located in central part of China. As the old capital city for 13 dynasties, Xian, the must-be-visited city in China, has attracted numerous tourists every year. Here you can enjoy the man-made wonder - Terracotta Warriors, the precious collections in informative Shaanxi History Museum, interesting Muslim Quarter, amazing Ancient City Wall, etc. Plus it good location and developed railway network, it is recommended to take a high speed train to Xian.

High Speed Trains from/to Xian

Equipped with enough high speed rails, Xian can be reached from (or offers quick access to) many other cities, including top tourist destinations, economical center and nearby cities. At present, you can take a high speed train to Xian from Beijing, Shanghai, Luoyang, Zhengzhou, Guilin, Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming, Guiyang, Guangzhou, Fuzhou, etc.

Xian North Railway Station

Xian North Railway Station is located in Yuansuo Road, Weiyang District, Xian City (陕西省西安市未央区元朔路), 20km (about 50 minutes' driving), to downtown area 50km to (about 1 hour's driving) Terracotta Warriors, 20km to (about 1 hour's driving) Muslim Quarter, 15km (about 40 minutes' driving)to the Ancient City Wall, 30km (about 40 minutes' driving) to Xian Xianyang International Airport Popular Shanghai High Speed Train Routes.

Popular Xian High Speed Train Routes

From Xian, there are many high speed trains transporting travelers to most of the major cities inside China. You could take the most popular rail route to Beijing - the capital of China; reach Luoyang to see the finest Buddhist art - Longmen Grottoes; arrive in Lanzhou and Tianshui to see the highlights of the northwest part in China, get to Huashan to experience its thrilling plan trail, to visit the first pass in Jiayuguan and more splendors in Zhangye, and even a high speed train to Zhengzhou to experience Shaolin Kung Fu… All are fast, convenient and comfortable!

● Beijing Xian High Speed Train

Railway Stations: Beijing West - Xian North

Distance: 1,216km (756 miles)

Duration: 4 hours 20 minutes ~ 6 hours 2 minutes

For most travelers, taking a high speed train from Xian to Beijing is not only a budget, way, but also a great chance to enjoy natural scenery and see authentic rural life in China. Beijing Xian High Speed Rail reaches 1,206km, passing through Zhenghzou - the capital of Henan Province. There are 16 high speed G-trains running from Xian North Train Station to Beijing West Train Station. The earliest one G427 departs at around 06:20 and arrives around 11:06; and the latest one G25 departs around 18:55 and arrives at 23:21. A high speed G-train takes about 4.5 - 6 hours usually. Some high speed trains (like G87, G25 and G89) only stop in a few stations (Shijiazhuang Railway Station and Zhengzhou East Railway Station usually), so it needs less time to get to your destination.

Xian Luoyang High Speed Train

Railway Stations: Xian North - Luoyang Longmen

Distance: 380km (236 miles)

Duration: 1 hour 18 minutes ~ 2 hours 10 minutes

As another capital city for 13 dynasties, Luoyang is a good place to explore China’s long history and rich culture as well. Luoyang Longmen Grottoes is one of the Four Great Buddhist Grottoes in China, which represent the high peek of ancient stone-carving art in China. It is a great experience to take a one-day bullet train tour to Longmen Grottoes if you have an extra day in Xian. If you want a tour combining Xian and Luoyang, taking a high speed train is a perfect way. Within 2 hours usually, you can transfer between them conveniently and comfortably. During 07:03 ~ 20:58, there are 50 high speed G-trains and 1 high speed D-train starting from Xian North Railway Station to Luoyang Longmen Railway Station every day. After several minutes’ stay in Luoyang Longmen Railway Station, all the high speed trains from Xian will continue running to Zhengzhou. So you can easily travel from Xian and Luoyang to Zhengzhou.

Shanghai Xian High Speed Train

Railway Stations: Shanghai Hongqiao - Xian North

Distance: 1,059km (938 miles)

Duration: about 6 ~ 11 hours

From 06:10 to 17:06, there are 9 G-trains and 1 D-train available to transfer between Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and Xian North Railway Station. The G-trains take about 6 ~ 7.5 hours usually. The D-train is a night train departing at 22:55 and arriving at 10:02 of the next day, taking 11 hours 7 minutes. If you want to book the nigh train, we suggest you choose a soft sleeper so you can have a good rest. The high speed trains between Shanghai and Xian will take stop in several cities, including Suzhou, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Longmen, etc.

Xian Huashan High Speed Trains

Railway Stations: Xian North - Huashan North

Distance: 121km (75 miles)

Duration: 30 ~ 46 minutes

Huashan, also called Mount Hua, is famous the root of Chinese culture. Visiting it allows you to encounter with the world most dangerous hiking trail, holy temples, gorgeous sceneries and mysterious stories. About 121km to Xian, Mount Hua can be reached from the high speed trains from Xian easily. There are 40 high speed G-trains and 1 high speed D-train running from Xian North Railway Station to Huashan Railway Station every day. The earliest shift starts at about 06:26, and arrives at about 07:04. And the last train runs during 19:58-20:36, for about 40 minutes. Besides, there is one D-trains, the D308 starts at about 19:44 and arriver at Huashan North Railway Station at 20:26, for about 42 minutes. The high speed train journey cost only 30 ~ 46 minutes and the trains only stop in one midway station.

Xian Chengdu High Speed Train

Railway Stations: Xian North - Chengdu East

Distance: 648km (402 miles)

Duration: 3 hours 13 minutes ~ 4 hours 22 minutes

With the convenient connection of high speed trains between Xian and Chengdu, you have another great transportation choice for your enjoyment with the pandas in Chengdu and Terracotta Warriors in Xian city, and of course more highly popular attractions and delicious food. The whole journey measures about 648 kilometers long and needs only about 3 to 4.5 hours. If you are planning to take this new and influential line, there are about 38 daily G-trains and D-trains at present for your consideration. The first train starts at 07:10, arriving in Chengdu at 11:18, and the last one train leaves Xian at 19:07, reaching Chengdu East Station at 22:57 at night. Besides, the train G89 is the fastest train during day time, which running during about 11:28-14:41, for only about 3 hours and 13 minutes.

Xian Lanzhou High Speed Trains (via Tianshui)

Railway Stations: Xian North - Lanzhou West

Distance: 568km (353 miles)

Duration: 2 hours 39 meters ~ 3 hours 36 meters

Taking a high speed train to visit Lanzhou from Xian is quite convenient. You could spend a short time for the transfer and enjoy the good facilities and environment on the train. There are 13 high speed G-trains and 27 high speed D-trains traveling from Xian to Lanzhou. The trip needs only about 3 hours. Besides, since many trains stop at Tianshui South Station, you could get more essences like the Maijishan Grottoes and so on.. The earliest high speed G-trains G2021 departs at about 11:03 and arrives at about 14:18. The last train G845 travels during 21:12 ~ 23:51 at night. Moreover, you could also choose one from the 27 D-trains from Xian North Station to Lanzhou West Station. The trains start during 07:42-20:20, running for about 2.5-3.5 hours to arrive.

Xian Jiayuguan High Speed Trains (via Zhangye)

Railway Stations: Xian North - Jiayuguan South

Distance: 1,265km (786 miles)

Duration: 8 ~ 8.5 hours

Xian Jiayuguan high speed railway is about 1,265km long, which needs about 8 hours to cover by the bullet train. There are two daily D trains departing from Xian North Railway Station to Jiayuguan South Railway Station, D2671 during 07:42-15:48 and D2673 during 13:40-21:54. Visitors could choose one to suit your schedule for your visit in Xian and Jiayuguan. Besides, as the trains would pass and make a short break at Zhangye West Station, you could take a bullet train to visit the splendid views in Zhangye, such as the Danxia Landforms, Mati Temple, etc.

Xian Zhengzhou High Speed Trains

Railway Stations: Xian North - Zhengzhou / Zhengzhou East

Distance: 523km (325 miles)

Duration: about 2 ~ 3 hours

Weather to take a high speed train to visit Zhengzhou from Xian or not? Absolutely yes! With only 2-2.5 hours, to could savor the highlights in Zhengzhou and moreover, since the trains go via Luoyang, Huashan, you would enjoy more highlights along the way with convenience. If you take a high speed train from Xian to Zhengzhou, you could need only 2-2.5 hours. The Zhengzhou Xian High Speed Rail is about 523km long from Xian North Station to Zhengzhou East Station. Every day, there are 62 G-trains depart from Xian North Station, with the earliest one at 06:26 and the last one at 20:58. You could select from the so many choices for your Xian to Zhengzhou visit. Since some G-trains arrive at Zhengzhou Station, some at Zhengzhou East Station and some other at Zhengzhou West Station, you could check it clearly while booking and leaving for the railway station. Also, there is one D-train at night, the D308 that stars at about 19:44 at Xian North Station and arrive at 22:27 at Zhengzhou East Station.

Xian Pingyao High Speed Train (to Datong)

Railway Stations: Xian North - Pingyao Gucheng

Distance: 486km (302 miles)

Duration: 2.5 ~ 3.5 hours

Taking a high speed train, you could arrive at Pingyao Ancient City from Xian with comfort and speed to enjoy the antique charm of the famous old city. Xian has high speed trains to Pingyao, which would later shuttle to the final station in Datong after the full completion, with the whole railway of 586km long. At present, there are 9 daily high speed D-trains from Xian North Station to Pingyao Gucheng Station (Pingyao Ancient City Station), running for about 2.5-3 hours. The earliest train departs at about 08:08 in the morning and the last train starts at about 19:05 at night. You could choose the most suitable one according to your time.

More High Speed Trains from Xian

Besides the above popular rail routes, Xian has some high speed trains connected with Taiyuan (3 - 4 hours), Wuhan (4.5 hours),Guangzhou (within 9 hours) and Shenzhen (9.5 hours), etc.

If take a bullet train to Zhengzhou, you could get to Dengfeng to experience Shaolin Kung Fu. If you want to enjoy the leisurable Yangtze River cruise with a Xian discovery, you could take a Xian Chongqing high speed train with only about 5 hours. If you go to Taiyuan by high speed train, you could then transfer to Pingyao Ancient Town to explore Shanxi history and culture in old days. If you are interested in a China High Speed Train tour from or to Xian, please contact our travel experts, they will help your tailor make the itinerary and arrange the train ticket and accommodation quickly and professionally.

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