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China Fuxing Trains

On June 26, 2017, China’s Funxing (rejuvenation, 复兴号) train made its debut. At 11:05, the first Fuxing train G123 (CR400AF Model) departed from Beijing South Railway Station to Shanghai. At the same time, G124 (CR400BF Model) ran from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station to Beijing. It means that the remarkable Fuxing Trains went into operation.

Advanced Fuxing Trains Run at a Speed of 400 km/h

Fuxing Hao High Speed Train

Since China is rather vast, the distance between two cities perhaps is quite long. As a result, the convenient and fast transportation is important to travel in China. At present, there are several types of Chinese trains, including High Speed EMU Trains (G trains, D trains and C trains), normal trains (Direct Express Trains - Z trains, Express Trains - T trains and Fast Express Trains - K trains. Among these trains, EMU (short for Electric Multiple Unites) trains are the most popular ones, which offer faster and more comfortable journey. Formerly, Hexie (Harmony, 和谐号) trains are the only EMUS trains operating. After eight years’ study, research and practice, the mechanical engineers successful created Fuxing Trains after Hexie Trains. By the end of May 2018, there are 16 main province cities of China are linked by Fuxing Trains, including Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Tianjin, Xian, Changsha, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan and etc.

Latest News: Since January 5, 2019, there are several new members of Fuxing train family were put into use in China. The green Fuxing train running at an average speed of 160km/h are running in Beijing, Shanghai, Yunnan, Nanjing, Chongqing, Lanzhou and etc.

Faster Travel

The average designed speed of Fuxing Trains is about 350km/h, over 100km/h faster than Hexie Trains. The highest operating speed reaches to 400 km/h, which is also the highest operating speed of China’s trains. Beijing Shanghai Tour is one of the most popular short trips in China, which makes Beijing Shanghai Railway become one of the busiest railways. At present, the travel time of Beijing Shanghai High Speed Trains has been cut down to 4hours around from 5hours above.

Technical Innovation

Many components of Hexie Trains are imported from overseas, but Fuxing Trains are entirely designed and manufactured by Chinese. More than 20 Chinese firms have been associated with this project over the past three years. They made a great progress in the history of the high speed trains. These new trains underpin unique role that high-speed railway has played in China’s economic and social development as well.

Features of Fuxing Trains - Nicer, Larger, Safer and Faster

Longer Life Span

Business Class Seat on Fuxing Trains

With the especially designed components Fuxing Trains enjoy a longer life span, which reaches as long as 30 years, about 10 years longer than Hexie Trains. The existing Hexie Trains, which have been in service for 10 years, are expected to be replaced by Fuxing Trains in the near future.

Nicer Appearance

Different from other-typed EMU trains, Fuxing Trains has several marginal improvements. The locomotive of Fuxing Trains is carefully designed and decorated with red or golden. Because of its shape, the air resistance is reduced by 7.5% ~ 12.3% and the energy consumption consumed in every 100 kilometers is reduced by 17%. Undoubtedly, the operating speed is much higher.

Larger Space

LED Screen for Seat Information

Taking all outside facilities into the inside car, the car looks much spacious. The height of the car increases from 3,700mm to 4,050mm. The space between the front and rear seats in Second Class Seats is about 1,020mm and the same space in First Class seats is widened to 1,160 mm. It is much easier for passengers to stretch to your legs. In comparison, the space between the front and rear seats in Hexie Trains is about 990mm and 1060mm.

Free Wi-Fi Available

Free Wi-Fi internet coverage has been offered on all Fuxing Bullet Trains. There is no password limit, thus passengers can easily play with their smart phones and laptops while travel at a speed over 350 kilometers per hour.

More User-friendly

While designing Fuxing Trains, the Mechanical Engineers always took the customer experience into consideration. There are more humanized designs passengers can find in the cars of Fuxing Trains. Free Wi-Fi is accessed in the cars, and there is no password limit thus passengers can easily play with their smart phones and laptops. In addition, the position of charger plugs moved from the back of the front seats from the bottom of the seats and the passengers could recharge their electronic equipment conveniently. There is also an USB interface near the plug. The connections between two cars are equipped with baggage holders for some passengers with ticket for standing rooms.

To know more detailed facilities on board, you can read the Everything about China High Speed Train faclities which introduces available food, service and train travel environment!

More Intellectualized

Automatic Door on Fuxing Trains

Automatic door and Seat information display function are two significant improvements that distinguish Fuxing Trains from other types of Chinese trains including Hexie. Though both Hexie and Fuxing Train are equipped with thoughtful lavatories, but people have to open the door manually on Hexie Trains, while doors can easily opened at the press of a button on Fuxing Trains. Moreover, People can know whether the seat is sold or not through the color of electronic lamp on the seat screen, which means that once you unfortunately buy a no-seat ticket someday, you may find a lucky seat on Fuxing Trains. More importantly than all of that, Fuxing Trains apply a sophisticated monitoring system with over 2,500 monitoring points that will check the trains’ performance. Once any emergencies occur, the monitoring system will slow or stop the running train automatically and give alarm signal. In other words, Fuxing Trains provide a safer journey.

Baggager Holders

There are also several other improvements such as vibration and noise reduction facilities. Nowadays, the high speed trains are developing faster and faster. It is highly recommended to take high speed trains instead of normal trains when traveling in China.

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