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Traveling by High Speed Train around China is not only an easy and comfortable way to get your destination, but also a special and magical travel style to view what life is like out of major cities around China. However, it may not easy for you to get a ticket if you cannot speak Chinese and don’t know Chinese ticket policy. Don’t worry, the below details will tell you everything about China High Speed Train tickets.

Real-Name Ticket Policy – Available Identity Documents

From January 1, 2012, the Real-Name Ticket Policy applies to all trains in China, aim to relieve the difficulty in buying tickets and effectively stop scalpers who profit a lot in trading rail tickets especially during the Spring Festival travel rush every year. Original valid identity documents become a MUST for China High Speed Train tickets booking, collecting, altering and canceling.

It is allowed to buy one ticket per valid Identity document. Your Identity document number will be printed on the ticket. When boarding the train, you should present your train ticket and your valid Identity document together to the steward.

Identity Documents that are banded for a “Real-name Train Ticket”

● Chinese Citizen ID card

How to Book China High Speed Train Tickets

● Passport

● Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents (or called Home-return Permit)

● Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents

● Permit for Mainland Residents to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

● Residence Permit for Foreigners

● Diplomat Certificate, etc.

When Do Reservations Open? – Pre-sale Period

Pre-sale period about train tickets refers to the days prior to the train departure. Since December 30, 2016, the train tickets pre-sale (include high speed train tickets) period in China had be gradually returned to 30 days from previous 60 days prior online or through phone, while the pre-sale period at train stations and Automatic Ticket Machines will be 28 days ahead of departure. More trains will be arranged during the major festival of China, and the pre-sale period of those trains is about 25 days.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about China Train Tickets

● Q: What to do if I lost my passport while I still want to buy a China High Speed Train Ticket?

  A: You should hold the certificate issued by the local embassy and consulate.

● Q: What to Do If I Lost My Tickets Before enter the train station?

  A: The procedure may be a little complex. You should buy a replacement first and show it to the railway attendant when you get onboard. They will provide you a voucher, and you can get the full refund of the replacement at the arrival railway station, with the voucher and your identity documents equipped.

● Q: What to Do If I Lost My Tickets On the train?

  A: Ask the railway attendant for help. If they can get your booking result from their system, you can get a replace ticket marked with “车票丢失”(lost ticket) after paid the service fee(CNY 2). But if they cannot find your booking result, you should buy a replacement from them first and get a refund at your arrival train station.

● Q: Can I buy a ticket for others?

  A: Yes, but you have to take his or her original identity document (like passport).

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