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TTCS: 6 Days Guizhou Ethnic Tour with Jiabang Rice Terraces & Zhenyuan
Tour Type: Private Tour,your family, friends or group
Guide & Driver: Chinese-English-speaking guide & air-conditioned
Tour Highlights:
    • Start your visit from Congjiang, a mixing destination with Miao and Dong ethnic groups where you will explore Biasha Miao Village and extend to one of the most beautiful rice terraces in China - Jiabang Rice Terraces;
    • Throw yourselves into the beautiful Dong villages with Wind and Rain Bridges and exquisite Drum Towers, and enjoy colorful folk performances to know them in different aspects - architecture, festivals, music, folk arts, food, farming, daily life...
    • Head to the heart of Miao group’s habitat and visit several different Miao villages in and around Kaili to feel the authentic flavor of their true life and learn to how to make batik with wax in traditional way;
    • Please your eyes and relax your body when reach Zhenyuan Ancient Town. Have a panoramic view of this thousand-year-old town surrounded by verdant rolling mountains and full of historical residences, temples, shrines and old alleys...
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Day 1 Congjiang Arrival & Transfer to Zhaoxing Dong Village Pick up in Congjiang - Zhaoxing Dong Village - Zhaoxing Dong Culture Museum

Welcome to Congjiang! Upon arrival at Congjiang Railway Station, the local guide and driver will meet you at the arrival hall of the train station. Then, they will transfer you to Zhaoxing Dong Village, the largest Dong village in Guizhou.

After checking in to your hotel, you’ll start to explore Zhaoxing Dong Village. It has been selected as “one of the six most beautiful countryside in China” and together with its drum towers were listed into the Guinness World Records in 2001. It is divided into 5 natural small villages, living in five different areas - which are called “Tuan” locally. Besides, there are five drum towers, five Wind and Rain Bridges and five stages setting in the village. Start your exploration from the village gate and get atop of the viewing platform to enjoy the panorama, where you can also clearly appreciate the five drum towers standing beautifully in the village. Afterwards, pay a visit to the Zhaoxing Dong Culture Museum to have a better understanding about Dong people and its culture in all aspects. Follow the route to visit Xin Tuan (means faith) with the highest drum tower at 25.9 meters, Zhi Tuan (means wisdom), Yi Tuan (means righteousness), Li Tuan (means Rritual) with the first drum tower in Zhaoxing built in 17th century and Ren Tuan (means benevolence). If weather permits, watch the famous Grand Song of Dong People and other interesting programs.

Arrival Ideas: High speed trains are well connected Congjiang with Guiyang (1.5-2hrs), Guilin (about 1hr), Yangshuo (1-1.5hrs), Guangzhou (3.5-4 hours), Chengdu (about 5hrs), Chongqing (3.5-4hrs) and more destinations. Congjiang Railway Station is about 6.5 kilometers from Zhaoxing Dong Village which needs about 20 minutes’ drive.

Zhaoxing Dong Village
Zhaoxing Dong Culture Museum
Day 2 Zhaoxing - Congjiang - Jiabang Rice Terrace (B, L) Huanggang Dong Village - Biasha Miao Village - Jiabang Rice Terrace

After breakfast, you’ll be escorted from Zhaoxing Dong Village to Huanggang Dong Village with 44 kilometers’ drive (about 1 hour). Huanggang Dong Village is considered as one of the most beautiful and traditional Dong villages in Guizhou. Huanggang, hidden in the mountains, built in ancient Song Dynasty (960-1297), has preserved the most authentic Dong culture. The villagers have had simple and unsophisticated ethnic life for hundreds of years. You can explore their local life and enjoy the unique architecture in the village. There are five drum towers standing in different directions and you can see the elders chatting in the tower or weaving their cloth. Festivals are special here - “Goddess of Thunder Worship Festival” and “Tai Guanren Festival”. If time is right, you can witness such a unique scene. (Note: For the exact time of the festivals, you can contact our travel consultants for more info.)

Next, head to Biasha Miao Village for an exciting exploration. Biasha Miao Village is called as “the Last Gunslinger Village in China”. This is the only place in China where residents are still legally allowed to own and carry guns. The Biasha people are said to be the descendants of Chi You, a mythological warrior in ancient China, and have traditions dating back 2000 years. Men of Biasha dress as ancient warriors with black waistcoats and straight black trousers as well as swords, hunting dogs, and firelocks. Women of Biasha wear black pair shirts and pleated skirts, which are simple but embroidered with bright colors. Once getting into the village, you will witness the welcome ceremony - Biasha men line up and fire 3 shots to welcome guests! Later, enjoy the folk performance to learn more about Biasha culture, including customs of farming, hunting, ancestor-worshiping, gaming and marriage. You can even watch an amazing haircut ritual - a live shave with a sickle. If you have more time, you can take a walk around this beautiful village.

After the tour, drive to Jiabang Rice Terrace (about 88 km from Biasha with 2.5 hours’ driving). Stay overnight in Jiabang.

Jiabang Rice Terraces
Huanggang Dong Village
Day 3 Jiabang Rice Terrace - Rongjiang (B, L) Dangniu Rice Terrace - Dali Dong Village

In this morning, you’ll catch the best time to visit Jiabang Rice Terrace. Jiabang Rice Terrace, cultivated by the Miao people, is one of the most beautiful and the most mysterious rice terrace in China. It is composed of 10,000 acres, scattered in Dangniu, Jiaye, Jiache, Congkai, Pingyin, Jiabang, Baibei and Baidang villages. Every morning, when the cloud and mist rise above the river and field, Jiabang Rice Terrace become a fairyland on earth. Start your visit from Dangniu Rice Terrace where you can see the rice terrace layer upon layer stretching from the valley to the hill, walk a little to Jiaya Rice Terrace with beautiful curves; move another 2 kilometers to Jiache Village and catch the best panorama at the viewing platform, and visit the magnificent Yangsongling Rice Terrace to view the screw terrace. (Note: Go April to early May for mirror-like irrigated terrace and rice transplanting scene; go in May for clouds with mists scene, go from May to mid-September for green terraces; go late September to early-October for golden and harvest scene.)

After the rice terrace viewing, drive to Dali Dong Village in Rongjiang County. Dali Village is a quiet village with 400 ancient phoebes and over 40 are with a history over 500 years. Once you enter into the village through Wind and Rain Bridges, you’ll step on the ancient stone-paved path built in the reign of Qianlong in Qing Dynasty (1636-1912). All the buildings are built from wood and the most common of which are built as quadrangle dwellings. Don’t miss Yang Family Quadrangle Courtyard with over 200 years with 93 generations living here. Come to the center of the village to see the drum tower. And if you are lucky, enjoy the performances held at the square. If time permits, you can do a little hiking to the beautiful Sandie Waterfall about 2 kilometers away.

After the tour, be escorted to Rongjiang County for accommodation.

Dali Dong Village
Jiabang Rice Terraces in Autumn
Day 4 Rongjiang - Kaili (B,L) Langde Upper Miao Village - Wudong Miao Village - Transfer to Kaili

After breakfast, your guide and driver will pick you up at your hotel. Today, you’ll be transferred about 140 km for a visit to Langde Upper Miao Village which is reputed as “the Hometown of Chinese Folk Song and Dance Art”. It is with less crowds, peaceful natural atmosphere, friendly villagers and rich cultural heritage. Upon arrival at the village, you will be warmly treated with a traditional welcome ceremony by the beautiful ladies and girls dressed in traditional Miao costumes (long skirt). They will set twelve tables with “block-the-way” wine and you can taste the wine to feel their hospitality. If you are lucky, you can experience the singing and dancing performance at the Lusheng Ground after the toasts. The men will play Lusheng and the ladies will dance. If you like, you can participate in the dance to enjoy more fun.

Next, you’ll move to Wudong Miao Village which is 30 km away from Langde (0.5-1 hour’s driving). Wudong Village is at 1300 meters above sea level nestled on the hillside of the Leigong Mountain, among terraced fields, vegetables gardens and lush forests. The whole village is made out of the traditional Miao type of dwelling - Diaojiaolou which usually have 3 floors - the first is for livestock, the second is where people live, and the third floor is used for storage. You can take a look at the oldest water mill/wheel in all of Leishan County. The most interesting part is to go fishing with Miao group’s bamboo baskets in the local rice paddy fields and get to know their farming system and daily life better (go fishing needs extra payment and is usually available in summer during July ~ September). After that, the local hostess will show you how to cook Miao famous cuisine - Fish in Sour Soup. Enjoy the lunch at the local house.

After the tour, be escorted to Kaili City for accommodation.

Langde Miao Village Performance
Langde Miao Village
Day 5 Kaili - Zhenyuan Ancient Town (B, L) Matang Gejia Village - Zhenyuan Ancient Town

After breakfast, drive about 19 km (about 0.5 hour) to Matang Gejia Village, a primitive Miao village with over 400 Gejia people who are called the 57th ethnic group in China unofficially. According to the legend, Gejia people are the direct descendants of Hou Yi, a legendary hero who was said to shoot the nine scorching suns in order to save his people. Matang Village is famous for exotic attires, colorful festivals and countryside feelings. The women and girls here are specialized in batik that you can fully appreciate the uniqueness of the Gejia batik patterns and embroidery as well as the excellent craftsmanship of the villagers. If you are interested, you can learn how to make batik with wax from a local master and create your own batik work (optional experience with extra payment).

Later, you’ll be escorted to Zhenyuan Ancient Town (about 110 km from Matang Village, for 2 hours’ driving). With a history of more than 2,200 years, Zhenyuan Ancient Town features hundreds of ancient buildings in Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1912) Dynasties. The mother river called Wuyang River passes through the town in the shape of “S”, making the whole town look like Eight Diagrams and Zhenyuan is also reputed as “Oriental Venice”. Later, visit Tin Hau Temple in the architectural style of Southern Fujian. This temple has witnessed the flourishing period of Wuyang River waterway. Walk to Zhenjiang Pavilion which was built in Ming Dynasty situated in the west of the town. Have a nice stroll along the old alleys to appreciate traditional folk houses and the ancient wells. You won’t miss Sifangjing Alley. In this evening, enjoy the beautiful night view with gleaming colors along Wuyang River. (Optional experience: 1). Enjoy a 3-4 hours' hiking to Shiping Mountain, the highest point of the ancient city where you can have a breathtaking panoramic view of Zhenyuan Ancient Town and Wuyang River based on your energy, interest and time. 2.) Take a scenic boat sailing leisurely on Wuyang River to enjoy the dazzling night scene with numerous stone buildings by the river.)

Have a good sleep in Zhenyuan.

Zhenyuan Ancient Town
Zhenyuan Ancient Town Panorama
Day 6 Zhenyuan Ancient Town & Guiyang Departure (B) Zhenyuan Ancient Town - Black Dragon Cave - Trains/Flights off Guiyang

After breakfast, you’ll take a peaceful walk in Zhenyuan Ancient Town. Walking through Zhusheng Bridge, the seven-hole blue stone arch bridge built in Ming Dynasty, you will get to Black Dragon Cave (also called Qinglong Cave). This is not simply a cave, but a ancient architectural complex of ancient temples, pavilions, shrines and palaces standing on Zhonghe Mountain. It well presents the Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism culture with the magnificent construction and layout. It is said that Zhang Sanfeng, the founder of Tai Chi, personally selected and involved in the construction of the temples. This scenic spot is composed of the following parts including the Zhusheng Bridge, Zhongyuan Temple, Ziyang Shuyuan (Academy of Classical Learning), Jade Emperor Pavilion, Longevity Palace and Xianglu Yan. After getting to the top of the cave, catch the appealing panorama of Zhenyuan Ancient Town and Wuyang River in charm and peace. The visit will be truly a cultural highlight during your Zhenyuan trip.

After the tour, your guide and driver will escort you to the airport or railway station in Guiyang with about 3.5 hours’ riding to catch a flight / train to next destination.

Qinglong Cave
The temple of Qinglong Cave
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