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Guizhou Restaurant and Guizhou Cuisine

Guizhou is a multi-minority province in Southwest China. It is located southwest of Beijing, and northwest of Guilin and Hong Kong. Guizhou is famous for its marvelous landscapes, unsophisticated ethnic customs, cultural and historical relics, and pleasant climate.

You may wonder why Guizhou people like to eat spicy food, how they prepare their dishes, what to eat in Guizhou, and what to do if you don’t like chili. Follow me to find the answers, or to begin the quest to discover your favorite Guizhou dish.

Guizhou Cuisine

Why Is Spicy Food So Popular Among Guizhou People?

One reason is that the Guizhou climate is humid with lots of rainfall, and the gloomy and cold weather can easily lead to illness. People eat spicy food to dispel the cold and wet.

Another reason is that salt was a scarce commodity in ancient Guizhou. Even as recently as decades ago, salt could not be produced in Guizhou and it was difficult to transport it in, but the mountainous environment was always suitable for growing chili pepper.

For these two reasons, Guizhou people in past times used chili as seasoning, and the habit became a tradition.

Guizhou Cuisine: Top 10 Mouth-Watering Dishes

Guizhou is a multi-ethnic gathering place, and there are many local characteristic snacks, full of national characteristics. Next, take you to understand the ranking of the top ten special snacks that must be eaten in Guizhou.

Yellow Bulb

Yellow Bulb

This is a famous local traditional delicacy in Guizhou, using milled rice and glutinous rice and brown sugar as raw materials, the production process is also more complicated, time-consuming, but can be stored for a long time, especially the freshly cooked yellow rice is very delicious.

Wangsausage noodles

Wangsausage noodles

Wangsausage noodles are also a very famous traditional food practice in Guizhou, which combines Shanxi knife-cut noodles and Lanzhou ramen, which are very popular with color, aroma and flavor.

Silk dolls

Silk dolls

In fact, this snack is vegetarian spring rolls, which are made of rice flour and rolled into pancakes with various vegetables, and what circle you like to eat, you can taste delicious sour and hot sauce on the station, sour and spicy and refreshing.

Huaxi beef powder

Huaxi beef powder

Huaxi beef noodles are also a famous local traditional specialty, which is carefully brewed with a variety of Chinese medicinal herbs, and then accompanied by refreshing rice noodles, which is delicious and juicy and rich in taste.

Lei family tofu balls

Lei family tofu balls

Lei family tofu balls are seasoned with an appropriate amount of salt and various spices added to tofu, kneaded into walnut-sized balls and fried in an oil pot, which tastes very fragrant.

Red oil rice tofu

Red oil rice tofu

The rice tofu mentioned here is not tofu, but made of rice boiled into a pulp, which looks a little like tofu, hence the name, rice tofu tastes very gluten, and it is very refreshing to touch red oil.

Bean paste nest

Bean paste nest

Bean paste wo is made with glutinous rice as raw material, the color is golden brown and crispy on the inside, which is a bit like the feeling of fragrant lips and teeth after eating northern fried cakes.

Love tofu fruit

Love tofu fruit

This traditional dish is very famous in Guiyang, and is made with tofu slices with chili pepper, ginger, rice, garlic paste soy sauce and other spices.

Lamb meal

Lamb meal

Lamb powder is also a famous snack in Guizhou, this community has a history of 300 years, lamb is very delicious, rice noodles taste particularly smooth, and with chili oil, not only smell good, but also eat particularly fragrant.

Weining buckwheat pastry

Weining buckwheat pastry

Weining Qiaosu is a specialty of the Yi Hui and Miao Autonomous Region, and the production method is very unique and has a relatively long history of production. It is a famous local traditional food.

Guizhou Restaurant recommend

Guiyang is the capital city of Guizhou Province and one of the important cities in southwest China. The cuisine here is unique and mouth-watering. Here are 10 must-eat restaurants to let you eat Guiyang's specialties.

1. Qinjia Old Stove Hot Pot Restaurant

Qinjia Old Stove Hotpot Restaurant is a long-established hotpot restaurant with a history of more than 20 years. The hot pot soup here is mainly based on butter, with a variety of herbs and spices, here, you can taste the authentic Guizhou hot pot.

2. Dong Shifu Qian Restaurant

Chef Dong's Qian Restaurant is a restaurant specializing in local Guizhou cuisine. The dishes here have a unique taste, spicy but not dry, fresh but not greasy. Recommended dishes include sour soup fish, sour and spicy shredded potatoes, and hairy blood.

3. Hotel downstairs

The downstairs restaurant is a restaurant that has been in business for many years and is known for its authentic Guizhou snacks and home-cooked food. Snacks such as dumplings, bean skins, and cold powder are all locals.

4. Xiao Kee lamb meal

Xiao Kee Lamb Meal is a long-established restaurant known for its unique lamb powder. The lamb powder soup here is refreshing and delicious, and the lamb is tender and delicious, which is enhanced by chili oil and vinegar.

5. Majiagou sour soup fish

Majiagou Sour Soup Fish is a restaurant specializing in sour soup fish, which is loved by diners for its unique taste. The sour fish soup here is delicious, the fish meat is tender and delicious, and the sour soup with a sour and spicy taste is endless.

6. Xiaojiahe tofu brain

Xiaojiahe Tofu Brain is a snack bar specializing in tofu brain, which is known for its delicate taste and delicious taste. The tofu brain here can be optionally added with various ingredients, such as minced meat, shrimp skin, bean sprouts, etc., which has a better taste.

7. Dafang Sichuan restaurant

Dafang Sichuan Restaurant is a restaurant focusing on Sichuan cuisine, with a unique taste, spicy and delicious, which is deeply loved by Guiyang diners. Recommended dishes include Kung Pao chicken, boiled fish, and back pot meat.

8. Guizhou spicy chicken

Guizhou spicy chicken is a special snack in Guizhou, which is loved by diners for its delicious taste, spicy and delicious. The spicy chicken here is tender and has a strong chili flavor, which is a delicacy in Guizhou's specialty cuisine.

9. Simatai sauerkraut fish

Simatai sauerkraut fish is a restaurant specializing in sauerkraut fish, famous for its unique sauerkraut fish taste. The sauerkraut fish soup here is delicious, the fish meat is tender and delicious, and the sour and spicy sauerkraut is unforgettable.

10. Guizhou Snack City

Guizhou Snack City is a large-scale restaurant integrating Guizhou specialty snacks, with a wide variety of snacks and rich tastes. Recommended dishes include snail powder, hot and sour powder, grilled meat, etc.

The above are 10 must-eat restaurants, allowing you to eat all over Guiyang's special food. Whether you're a Guiyang local or a tourist, don't miss these delicacies.

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