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Simatai Great Wall: Most Untouched and Night Tour

Simatai Great Wall is located in Miyun District, Beijing, one of the most untouched sections and the best section open for a night tour of the Great Wall. It links Jinshanling in the north and Gubeikou in the west, right next to Gubei Water Town, about 120 kilometers (75 miles) from central Beijing. 

Simatai Great Wall stretches 5.4 km (3.4 mi) from Wangjinglou in the east to Houchuankou in the west. This section Great Wall is separated into two by Mandarin Duck Lake, so it has an east side and a west side. There are 16 towers in the eastern section and 19 in the western section, totaling 35. Simatai Great Wall has been a vital military defensive base since ancient times, and its stunning scenery has left a deep impression on many tourists.

Simatai Great Wall Facts

Simatai Great Wall

Name: Simatai Great Wall(司马台长城)

Type: World Heritage Site, Ancient Ruins, Hiking Trails, Outdoor Activities

Best Seasons: Spring/Autumn; particularly for April, May, September and October

Recommended Visiting Time: 2 Hours

Opening Hours: 09:00-21:00

Tickets: CNY 40

Address: Simatai, Gubei Ancient Town, Miyun District, Beijing

History of Simatai Great Wall

Simatai Great Wall was built in the early years of Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty (1373 AD) and built based on the Great Wall of the Northern Qi Dynasty. During the Wanli (1573-1620) period of the Ming Dynasty, General Qi Jiguang(1528–1588) led his troops to carry out key renovations and greatly improved the defense system. During the Qing Dynasty, the Great Wall of Simatai hosted more than 3 emperors of the Qing Dynasty for worshiping ancestors. The restoration of the Great Wall began in 1984 and officially opened to tourists in 1990.

Attractions of Simatai Great Wall 

The Simatai section of the Great Wall of China is located approximately 120 kilometers northeast of Beijing. Most visitors arrive on tour buses since the tour companies handle all of the details and the schedule. Embark on an unforgettable journey as you uncover the hidden gems and breathtaking views of the Simatai Great Wall’s coolest spots!

Single-Sided Wall (单边墙)

Next to the the fourth watchtower, the single-sided wall is about 3 meters high, built with two rows of bricks with perforations for arrows. The largest brick in the Great Wall of Simatai is found there. Unilateral wall is another architectural feature of Simatai Great Wall, and it presents differently in each section. By Appreciating this wall, we can get to know the architectural style and level of each period in Ming Dynasty.

Yuanyang Lake (鸳鸯泉)

Below the west side of Simatai Great Wall runs the hot spring all the year round, while the cold spring is only within 100 meters to it. The local people give a beautiful name to the lake with both hot and cold spings, "Yuanyuan Lake". (In Chinese, yuanyang are a kind of love birds which always appear in couple.) When it is sunny, you can visit the lake by boat, you can see the mountains, trees and the Great Wall reflected in the rippling water. It is said that soldiers who once built the Great Wall here would come to this hot spring to take a bath to help them relieve pressure and fatigue. If you are interested, you can also go to the hot spring site and have a try.

General Tower (将军楼)

The twelfth tower, the Five-window Building, is also known as the General Tower. It is about 2.5km away from the parking lot below Simatai Great Wall. It is said to be the place where the commanders of the army were located, and it is also an important watchtower for the information transmission of the whole Simatai Great Wall. It is the most beautiful and exquisite Watchtower in the Great Wall section of Simatai. The different arches, ancient carvings on stone pillars give people a delicate and solemn atmosphere everywhere, as if it is not a defense facility for war, but a fancy pavilion for relaxing.

Viewing Capital Tower (望京楼)

Viewing Capital Tower, the 16th East Building, 986 meters above sea level, is the highest building of Simatai Great Wall. It stands on the top of Tiger Mountain, like a cone, upright to the blue sky. According to the local people, once standing on this building, the figure of the capital city, Beijijng could be seen, even at night, hence it was named after it. Now it is not permitted to get there for safety reasons. Appreciating it in a distance, it is still stunning as it was in the Ming Dynasty.

Heavenly Ladder (天梯)

It is about 3km away from the parking lot of the scenic spot. The heavenly ladder is actually a single side wall with a barrier wall. The south side of a barrier wall has a sharp ascending, with an inclination angle of 80 degrees. Since this wall built here is very steep, just like a ladder to the heavens. Therefore, it called "heavenly ladder". Sometimes, the visitors should use both hands and feet to climb atop it.

Fairy Tower (Pinyin:Xiannvlou 仙女楼)

Hike to the top of the heavenly Ladder,and then walk to the east. You will see the fairy tower, which is 5.6 meters long and 4.7 meters wide. It is a two-window tower, which is the most slender one among all the watchtowers. It stands tall and erect like an elegant fairy on the top of the mountain.

Things to Do at Simatai Great Wall

Simatai Great Wall Map

Hike along the Great Wall

For most of the visitors at Simatai for the first time, hiking ranks no.1 on their to-do list. Running around at Simatai Great Wall, enjoying the mountains afar, the lake and town below, you will feel more stunning sides of simatai as the night comes. The round-trip and one-way cableways are also offered. You are suggested to have a trekking pole and watch out the loosen bricks if you would like to challenge the steep walls.

Recommended Route to Visit Simatai Great Wall

Tourists can choose diverse routes to visit Simatai Great Wall.There are usually 2 commonly used hiking routes for your reference.

Route 1: Take a cable car upward to the No.5 east watchtower of Simatai Great Wall and then reach the No.8 watchtower, after passing several other watchtowers, and here you can take the cable car down to the foot of the mountain. This is the only permitted route if you would like to travel Simatai Great Wall at night.

Route 2: Hike along the trail from the entrance to the No.2 watchtower, and then reach the No.5/No.8 watchtower. There, you can take a cable car down to the exit. This route is longer than the former one,which takes more time to hike and is recommended to visit during daytime.

Simatai Great Wall Entrance Fee

Simatai Great Wall Entrance Fee: CNY 40

Combo Ticket (Gubei Water Town entrance plus Simatai Great Wall): CNY 170

Cable Car: CNY 90 (One-Way); CNY 160 (Round-Trip)

Note: Since Simatai Great Wall is inside Gubei Water Town Scenic Area, if you would like to visit both sites, you may need to purchase the combo ticket. If you just want to visit Simatai Great Wall, you need to book your visit to Simatai online one day in advance, due to the great wall preservation. Besides, every visitor who would like to visit Simatai Great Wall at night must purchase a round-trip cableway ticket for safety reasons. The ticket price is subject to change in different season.

Best Time to Visit Simatai Great Wall

The best time to visit Simatai Great Wall is from March to October, except for the hot summer days. In spring, with the lush vegetation covering the mountain, the winding wall looks like a dragon lying on a green sea. In autumn, red leaves cover the ridge, offering you another wonderful scene. Avoid the Chinese holidays such as the National Holiday (1st-7th Oct) and the hot summer days, but you can have water fun at the nearby Gubei Water Town instead. Also, Simatai Great Wall is the only section opened with Night tour available, don't miss the stunning nightscape.

Simatai Great Wall Opening Time

Daytime: Apr. - Oct.: 8:00 - 18:00; Nov.- Mar.: 8:00 - 17:30 (Site-cleared at 16:30)

Night: Apr. - Oct.: 18:00 - 22:00; Nov.- Mar.: 17:30 - 21:00 (Mon. - Fri.), 17:30 - 21:30 (Weekends)

How to Get to Simatai Great Wall

Option 1: By car - fast and comfortable, about 3 hours

Many taxi drivers are not willing to take you to Simatai , since it is too far. If you want to save the transportation troubles, you can choose the private car service provided by China Discovery. We will pick you up from your hotel and send you to the great wall safely with comfortable vehicles, skilled drivers, and professional guides. >>Contact us now

Option 2: By bus - economical, 3.5-4 hours

There are two bus choices. The first one: Simatai Tourist Bus. You can get on the bus at Dongzhimen Outer Bus Station (东直门外汽车站 Pinyin: Dongzhimen Wai Qichezhan) and get off at Gubei Ancient Town. The direct tourist bus from downtown Beijing to Simatai only departs about 4 times a day from 8:00am to 15:30pm. Besides the tourist bus, you can choose to take the city bus 980 at Dongzhimen Bus Station (东直门汽车站 Pinyin: Dongzhimen Qichezhan) to Miyun Bus Station (密云汽车站 Pinyin: Miyun Qichezhan) and transfer to Bus 51 to Simatai Scenic Area where you can walk to Simatai Great Wall within half an hour.

Useful Simatai Hiking Tips

Items to Pack: Hiking boots, sticks or trekking sticks, backpack, sun-glasses, long pants, sunscreen, snacks, camera.

Risky Hikers: people who suffer arthritis, heart disease, hypertension, asthma, and the traveler who are drunk are not recommended to take the hike.

Age Ranges: Don't take baby less than 3 years old for this hike, and the traveler who are more than 80 years old are not recommended to hike.

Sanitation Facilities: Please go to toilet at the entrance of the wall before the hiking, there is no toilet on the Wall. Please carry toilet paper by yourself always.

Unavailable Hiking Conditions: You are not recommended to go, under the following weather condition: Rain, Snow, Strong Wind, etc.

How to Plan Simatai Great Wall Hiking Tour

Simatai Great Wall, steep and wild, is a section of Great Wall that you can come to visit at both daytime and night. One or two days are enough to fully explore Simatai Great Wall, the nearby Guibei Water Town, and Jinshanling Great Wall. It is recommended to start your trip early to avoid the traffic jam and crowds.

Besides Simatai Great Wall, there are many other great walls offering you the same marvellous views, including Jiankou Great Wall, Badaling Great Wall and Huanghuacheng Great Wall. Exploring the neighboring Jinshanling Great Wall, trekking on steep mountain ridge of Jiankou Great Wall and the near section of the better preserved Mutianyu Great Wall, admiring the famous and renovated Badaling Great Wall, you can encounter different sparking sides of each section and commemorate the man-made wonder of the ancient Chinese people. Travel Tour China offers you tailor-made tour service, and you can fully experience all the famous great walls in 2 days. If you have more time, it's also recommended to explore other attractions in Beijing, such as the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, and More!

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