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China Giant Panda Volunteer Programs

China Panda

Giant pandas are fascinating creatures so it's no wonder that you want to spend your time volunteering to help preserve this endangered species.

There's a lot to consider when choosing to volunteer with pandas, including where the best place is to do this, what kind of volunteer opportunities are available, and whether you meet the requirements or not.

Few things are as delightful as observing the wonders of the Giant Panda first hand. Visitors can spend hours watching the playful cubs, or, they can volunteer and provide hands on help to the pandas’ keepers. China Culture Tour team offers flexible tours to enjoy the Panda journey. You can be a volunteer for Giant Panda in Bifengxia Panda Base or Dujiang Weir Giant Panda Research Centre for one day or days. Moreover, we offer adventure tours to discover the wild pandas and photograph in the primitive forests. Bifengxia Panda Base(about three hours driving from Chengdu downtown) is searching for Panda Volunteers to help the pandas! Will you be the one?

Best places to see pandas in china

Where to see the pandas in China?

There are several places you can see pandas in China: Beijing Zoo, Chongqing Zoo, Guilin Seven Star Park and Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. The best place to see pandas is Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

Where to be a panda volunteer?

You can choose Bifengxia Panda Base or Dujiang Weir Giant Panda Research Centre.

Dujiangyan Base of China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda
Dujiangyan Base of China Conservation and Research Centre for the Giant Panda (CCRCGP) is a professional organization committed to the rescue and disease control researches of giant pandas nationwide. The base is located in Shiqiao Village, Qingchengshan City of Dujiangyan Prefecture, about 18 km or 1 hour’s drive from Dujiangyan city area. It was built with the help of the Hong Kong SAR Government, taking up an area of 760 mu (hectares) next to Mt Qingcheng, China’s sacred Taoist mountain. The base is built in typical folk house style of West Sichuan, with lush bamboo forests, manicured lawn and winding paths, offering a refreshing environment. The whole base is divided into 6 function areas: rescue and quarantine area, disease control and research area, rehabilitation and training area, public reception and education area, natural vegetation area, and office and logistics area. It is worth mentioning that Dujiangyan Base possesses suitable climate and natural environment for giant pandas – it was designed and built on national green standards, with favorable location next to giant panda world heritage habitat, providing abundant supply of edible bamboo for giant pandas. At present, the first batch of 10 giant pandas rescued from wilderness has come to stay at the base, and hopefully it will have a capacity for the rescue and rehabilitation of 40 giant pandas. Wolong Research Base indicates that Wolong has a captive population of 170 giant pandas distributed in over 20 cities nationwide and across the world. Dujiangyan Base is the first research base in China focusing on the rescue and disease control research for one single species – giant pandas.

Ya'an Bifengxia Research Base of China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda

Ya’an Bifengxia Research Base of China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda (CCRCGP) is located in Bifengxia Scenic Area north of Ya’an City. It is 18 km from Ya’an city area, 150 km (3 hours’ drive) from Chengdu City. With an area of 1074 mu (72 hectares), it now has 22 giant pandas in captivity. Bifengxia Research Base is a big comprehensive giant panda park with functions of feeding, breeding, research, rescue and public education.
The base is equipped with over 20 laboratories and venues including giant panda breeding ground, kindergarten, hospital, and research institute, and grows abundant edible bamboos. The free-range area is 10 times larger than the base with mountains, forests, bamboos and water. Over 100 members of staff work for about 70 giant pandas around the base.

Panda Keeper Volunteer Program

1. Dujiangyan Base offers carefully designed activities for volunteer panda keepers, such as watching films about giant panda, knowledge popularization, panda feeding, making panda food, and fun quiz.
2. Volunteer panda keepers can take sightseeing cart free of charge to visit around the base (except during noon break 12:00-14:00).
3. Have lunch at staff canteen with 'panda people'.

Panda Keeper Volunteer Activities




Age Requirement

Honorary Keeper

Clean fresh bamboo, clean panda’s feces, learn about giant pandas and how to perform panda behavior research, clean panda’s enclosures, etc.

2 hours


Panda Knowledge

Learn about stories of rescuing giant pandas in wilderness.

30 minutes

6 or older

Panda Feeder

Make food and serve fruits to giant pandas

30 minutes


Panda Movie

Watch documentary films about giant pandas

45 minutes

6 or older


Prepare food (panda biscuits) for giant panda

45 minutes


Panda Class

Panda experts will share about some knowledge about giant panda

45 minutes

12 or older

Benevolent Planting

Plant benevolent bamboo and trees and name your plant

30 minutes


Fun Quiz

Questions and answers about giant pandas after one day’s panda keeper work

30 minutes

65 or older

How to Apply for a Panda Volunteer Program

The most convenient way to apply for a volunteer program is through a travel agent who can offer a package including the program itself, a transfer from Chengdu to the panda base, and a translator/guide for some sections of the day.
As the first tour operator to arrange a Panda Keeper Program, China Highlights proudly provides various choices of panda tours to meet your requirements.
From spending a private evening with pandas to being a giant panda keeper and from being a baby panda nanny to tracking wild pandas in a remote nature reserve, your wish is our command.

Panda Volunteer Program Tips

1. Book Early

The programs may become fully booked as there is a limited number of places for these volunteer programs each day. For example, the daily quota atDujiangyan Panda Base is 60 volunteers. We recommend booking at least one week in advance.

2. Follow the Instructions

Because giant pandas typically lead a solitary life, it is sometimes very hard for them to tolerate outside influences. It is best not to disturb their peaceful life for the sake of their health, and some of the activities might therefore be changed.

Please do not make any noise or sudden movements that might startle the pandas.

Please do not approach or throw food to the pandas, unless the panda keeper tells you to do so. It might disturb the pandas’ eating regime and cause them to become sick.

Follow the panda keeper’s instructions. For your safety, do not get into the cage, touch the adult pandas, or let them touch you, unless the panda keeper tells you to do so.

Do not take photos or videos unless it’s allowed.

3. Dress Code

To protect yourself when carrying bamboo, please do not wear shorts or slippery footwear. Also, pandas have a very keen sense of smell. As you will get very close to them during the tour, please do not wear perfume or nail polish. Our sincere thanks for your extra care and respect toward the pandas.


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