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Shigatse Travel Guide

Shigatse tours lead you to the most colorful area in Tibet with vast grasslands, fertile fields in river valleys, flourishing semitropical jungles and snowfields at high altitudes. Shigatse is the second biggest city in Tibet with a history of nearly 600 years. The average elevation of the city is 4,000 meters. Many advanturers travel to Shigatse with the challenge to the utmost limits of human being, just to appreciate the spectacularity of “the third pole” and enjoy the charm of Evereast. Shigatse tour will show you very many different aspects of Tibetan life: a sprawling place, with dusty, uneven streets humming with traffic. Thanks to its location, only 186 miles away from Mt. Everest and situated on the only path to the holy lakes and mountains in Tibet, Shigatse is an important base for people taking tours to those places. Nowadays, Shigatse has become an important travel attraction and transit of tibetan golden tour route, attracting countless tourists at home and abroad with its mysterious history and ancient atmosphere.

Shigatse Tourists Attractions