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Tibet Weather in December

Tibet weather in December

In December, Tibet enters into an icy winter. It is a good time for a winter tour in Tibet. The daytime in Tibet is always very warm. The coldest time is in the early morning and at night. In December, it rarely rains in Tibet, so you can bring a thermal with you to drink plenty of water. Please also bring some hand cream and skin moisturizer.

The average temperature in Lhasa in December is -8~8°C. The average temperature is of 8°C during the day and it drops to averagely -8°C at night. It is recommended to wear your winter clothes such sweaters and down jackets. Although the temperature in Lhasa in December is low, the sunlight and ultraviolet rays in Lhasa are strong, so please remember to bring your sunscreen and sunglasses.

Shigatse is also one of the most popular attractions in the winter with an average temperature of around 7 °C during the day and an average temperature of -12 °C at night. The Everest Base Camp is also available in the winter, but tourists who are afraid of cold are not recommended to go at this time. The highest temperature in the Everest Base Camp is only about 3°C -4 °C during the day. The lowest temperature in the evening can reach to -15 °C.

Tibet dress code in December:

You can wear warm outdoor pants, sweaters, fleece jackets or down jackets during the day. Ultraviolet rays are strong during the day and it is recommended to bring your sunglasses and sunscreen with SPF of 30 or more.

Tibet travel guide in December:

In the Ali area in December, the Nagqu area is not recommended for travel due to heavy snow. Yamtso Lake is accessible. The section from Shigatse to Mount Everest will occasionally be closed because of heavy snow. Please remember to check the weather forecast a week ahead. It is the same for Namtso as well.

If you are going to Nyingchi in Decembe and you do not fear the cold, you can see a particularly beautiful Ranwu Lake with a higher possibility a clear view of Mount Nanga Bawa. But there will not be beautiful flowers which are blooming in the spring and the summer.

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