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Lhasa Hotels

As the capital of Tibet and a tourism city, Lhasa provides tourists hundreds of hotels at all levels from international luxury 5-star hotels to budget youth hostels. All the hotels in Lhasa are equipped with favorable facilities and offer good services. But please notice that you cannot expect them as well as those at the same level in other big cities in China. We strongly recommend featured Tibetan style hotels to tourists for it is another way of getting close to Tibetan culture to stay in this kind of hotels. > All luxury 5-star hotels in Lhasa (5)

Thangka Hotel

Opened in 2007, Thangka Hotel has a superior location, just next to Jokhang Square, very close to Jokhang Temple. It features in traditional Tibetan style.

Shangbala Hotel

Located in downtown Lhasa, the Shangbala Hotel is a foreign related hotel

Luxury St. Regis Lhasa Resort

St. Regis Lhasa Resort is an international luxury hotel in Lhasa, Tibet, providing high-quality services and modern luxury amenities.

Recommend Tibet Train Travel & Tour
What an exciting experience it would be to take a Tibet Train Tour! In the past traveling to Tibet is a remote dream. The poor accessibility and appalling high altitude made many people hesitate to step on this mysterious and enchanting land. It is now possible to go to Tibet by train via the Qinghai-Tibet railway. As a professional Tibet tour operator, we are reliable if you would like to experience the Tibet train tour for yourself. Please understand the fact that it is sometimes more difficult to purchase train tickets for trains going to Tibet than for trains leaving Tibet. So we strongly advise going to Tibet by plane, and experiencing the Qinghai-Tibet railway on the return trip, which has the identical experience. The outgoing train tickets from Tibet are more guaranteed. The Tibet Train Tour we provide will give you a great enjoyment and a unique experience on the roof of the world.