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Tibet Weather in November

Tibet weather in November:

Most of Tibet’s places in November are cold. Lhasa is still warm during the day. It is dry and rarely rains. The average maximum temperature during the day is about 12 ° C, and the average minimum temperature at night is about -4 ° C. The temperature difference between the Shigatse region and Lhasa is not too much. The average maximum temperature during the day is about 11 °C, and the average temperature at night is -9 °C. The weather in Everest Base Camp in November is generally sunny with an average maximum temperature during the day is about 7 °C, and the lowest temperature at night is about -12 °C.

In November, Nyingchi's temperature during the day is between 13 °C and 18 °C, and it is also above 0 °C at night. The oxygen content is 80% of the plains and the altitude sickness rarely occurs.

Tibet dress code in November:

It is warm during the day in November due to the sufficient sunlight. But because of the high altitude, it will be very cold at night or in the rainy days, when an outdoor fleece-jacket will be needed.

If you are going to areas of a high altitude such as Namtso or Yamdrok Lake, please remember to to bring a down jacket because it is windy and cold there. Other winter clothes will be needed as well.

Tibet dress code in November:

There are advantages and disadvantages for travel to Tibet in November.

Advantages: you can avoid the peak seasons and save the costs, such as tickets, charter fees, and accommodation expenses.

Disadvantages: In some places such as Namtso, Sejila Mountain, Mira Mountain, Gyatso Mountain, due to snowfall, roads may be blocked or closed and the potential risk on road is increased. In the second half of November, the forests and plants are withered. The beautiful colors are gone.

If you choose to enter Tibet in November, early November would be better.

The winter in the Ali area is long and cold. There is a local saying describes it as "Land cracks in November (Tibetan calendar); Rock cracks in December", from which shows how cold Tibet is in these 2 months. The wind and snow are very heavy and frequent at this time. Therefore, it is not recommended to travel to Ali in November.

In addition, the Everest Base Camp has been withdrawn in November, and the accommodation in the Namtso Tashi Peninsula has been closed. It is not recommended to stay overnight at these areas. In the case of the heavy snow may block the mountains, Namtso may not be accessible either.

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