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Best time to visit Tibet

Many tourists who go to Tibet are very concerned about when is the best time to travel to Tibet. In fact, there is no absolute answer to the best time. After all, people have different perspectives. The scenery in Tibet is different all year round with different natural and cultural experiences. Therefore, the best time varies according to your preferences.

To pick a good time for Tibet tour, you can take reference from the following three aspects:

1. Seasons of better weather - climate and seasonal view

Tibet is an area of the highest altitude in China. For the temperature and climate, the annual National Day of May to October is the best season in Tibet, especially June and September. The oxygen content is not as low as it is in winter, so you don't need to worry much about having altitude sickness. Although it is also very good in July and August, there are more rains, especially when traveling to Nyingchi. Sometimes it even rains for half a day.

But lukily the sun can still be seen every day. Tibet weather is indeed changeable. Moreover, this season is also the best season of the year to tour the mountains in Tibet. They look much greener than they are of any other seasons. the grass starts to turn yellow in September. Therefore, those who like natural beauty more is recommended to travel to Tibet during summer.

2. Less busy seasons-when there are less people travelling

Some people have a freer time schedule and would avoid the busy season. If you prefer to pick a time not being too crowded with too many people, you are suggested to avoid the summer vacation. However, if you prefer seeing more people or look for carpooling, then June-September is the best season for you to go. The scenery is beautiful, and it is easy to find a travel companion on the way.

3. Less expensive seasons- when the price/performance ratio is the highest

Many people think the beautiful sceneries can be bought by money, and they are willing to pay more for the view. Therefore, more people travel to Tibet the most beautiful season: from June to September, when it is also the most expensive time for Tibet tours. The price can even be twice as high as the off-season in the peak-season (July-August).

For the limited resources in Tibet, sometimes the price of the hotel/car/service fee in Lhasa rises sharply at that time, and there is even nothing to provide. (The tourism reception capability in Tibet have been greatly improved since 2015. However, it is still recommended to book hotels ahead of time in the peak season).

Travelling to Tibet in winter is a good choice to save money. Even the ticket for the Potala Palace is free in the off-season. However, in winter, Tibet gets cold in the morning and evening/night, and the air is dry. You are strongly recommended to wear more and keep warm. It is comforting though that winter sunshine in Lhasa is great, and it is not cold during the day. Lhasa truly deserves to be called the world famous City of Sunshine. Are you ready to come to Lhasa to feel the sunshine there?

After reading all the above, have you figured out your own answer for the best time to come to Tibet? I would recommend the time from the end of May to June. The price at this time is the most reasonable and the sceneries are the most beautiful as well. Most of the main tourist attractions in Tibet were normally thawed in April, by the way.

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