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Nagchu Tourist Attractions

Nagchu (also Nagqu) in the northern Tibet is the largest prefecture of Tibet Autonomous Region. Nagchu Prefecture is generally called as Changtang. Nagchu Tourist Attractions offer rich information about all the tourist sights in Nagchu, including travel advice and pictures of them, like Nagchu Horse Racing, Xiangxiong Kingdom, Siling-Tso, etc.

Siling Tso

Siling Tso of Tibet should be the highest lake in the world.

Nagchu Horse-Racing Festival

For ordinary Tibetan people, this festival is very important. Every year, people from all corners, eager to show off horsemanship skills, trade for tools and supplies, gather in Nagchu Town and build a 'tent city' here.

Relics of Xiangxiong Kingdom

According to the legendary, the relics of Xiangxiong Kingdom in western Tibet was the earliest civilization center on the Tibetan plateau.

Shenzha Nature Reserve

It is praised as the paradise of birds since there are more than 120 species of birds here. It is also the biggest protecting area of black-necked crane in China.

Skeleton Wall

Tibet’s strangest, creepiest and least-visited sights, the mysterious Skeleton Wall.

Purog Kangri Glacier

Purog Kangri Glacier, with an ice field covering an area of 422 square kilometers, is known as the third largest glacier in the world. It is about 560 kilometers away from Nagchu Town in southwest Tibet Autonomous Region.

Geladandong Serac

It is the origin of the Mother River of China-- Yangtze River. Consisting of 21 snow mountains, it serves as the main peak of the Nyenchen Tangula Mountain, and the highest mountain in northern Tibet.

Drolma Canyon

Drolma Canyon has a nice natural environment with beautiful mountains and lakes.

Changtang Plateau

The Changtang is a high altitude plateau in western and northern Tibet extending into southeastern Ladakh, with vast highlands and giant lakes.

Tangra Yum Tso

Tangra Yum Tso, situated in the southwest of Nyima County, is a holy lake of Bon Sect in Tibet.

Nyenchen Tangula Mountain

Nyenchen Tangula Mountain, located at the middle part of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, is a huge mountain chain extending from east to west.

Tsanden Monastery

It looks like the famous Potala Palace in Lhasa from far away, so Tsanden Monastery is also known as “small Potala”.

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