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Hand of Buddha Guangdong China

Guangdong Tongtian Buddha's Hand (Guangdong 4A-level Scenic Area) Gulongxia Tongtian Buddha's Hand is a giant hand suspended in mid-air, 20 meters long and 16 meters high, stretching obliquely to the sky as if it is a giant hand reaching out to the sky. You can walk up the stairs to the center of the palm to take a photo. The giant hand is like a lotus flower that has just opened and can accommodate two to three people, standing on it can overlook the entire canyon, surrounded by mountains and green trees, standing on thousands of walls, the canyon is deep, feels the shocking visual experience.

Hand of Buddha Guangdong China

This place is located in Gulong Gorge, Guangdong Province, and this palm is the Tongtian Buddha hand of Gulong Gorge. Stand on it and experience what it feels like to be held in the palm of your hand. This Tongtian Buddha hand is not a divine palm in novels, film, and television dramas, but a huge palm that looks like a Buddhist flower pinching fingers. The whole palm is about several square meters in size, and people who dance skillfully and dare can dance on it.

Hand of Buddha Guangdong China


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