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Hanfu — Traditional Clothing of the Chinese Han Majority

With the revival of traditional culture, Hanfu has also received more and more attention from people and once became popular. Many friends think that Hanfu is the clothing of the Han Dynasty, is it true?


The so-called Hanfu, also known as Han Yiguan, Han clothing, and Chinese clothing, is actually the traditional clothing of the Han nation. More precisely, Hanfu originated in the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, developed through the Qin Dynasty, and only gradually matured in the Han Dynasty.


After understanding the basic concept of Hanfu, what are the complete clothing systems contained in Hanfu? No hurry, from head to toe, let's take our time ~


Adult men often wear crowns, scarves, hats, etc., in a variety of forms, common such as crowns, bows, and heads. Of course, there are also strict rules for the wearing of headdresses, which contain a strict hierarchical order of honor, humility, and inferiority.

Winter Hanfu

Winter Hanfu

Wear thermal underwear underneath Hanfu. We can wear plush thermal underwear inside Hanfu, and then wear Hanfu one by one so that Hanfu is tightly wrapped and fleeced thermal underwear can be worn in the cold winter.

HanFu accessories

Han traditional accessories are also very important, we are familiar with Peiyu, the so-called "gentleman has no reason, jade does not go away".

In addition to wearing jade, there are also knee covers, shawls, socks, drapery, sachets, swords, silk, seals, wats, tooth plates, leather belts, jade belts, yun, ten snakes, etc.

The waist ornaments mainly include ornaments such as peiyi, peiyu, peiyin, peiyin, peiyu, and wearable ornaments.

The type of Hanfu

Although the styles of Hanfu are numerous and complex, and there are ceremonial dresses, regular clothes, and special clothing, the shape is mainly three types: "deep clothing", "top and bottom" and "skirt".

The most representative of the "deep clothing" system is the upper and lower clothes, in the cutting of the top and the lower skirt separately and then sewn together, and finally the clothes are still one, both men and women can wear, both as a dress, but also for daily wear, very practical.

"Top and bottom", as the name suggests, is divided into clothing worn on the upper body and worn on the lower body. Including crown robes, xuanduan, etc., it is also the official dress of the monarch to participate in solemn ceremonies such as sacrifices.

The "skirt" system mainly includes chest-length skirts, waist-length skirts, placket skirts, etc., which actually belong to the top-and-bottom system, but this method does not have many etiquette regulations, and is generally used for regular clothing.

The crown uniform under the tunic is the most solemn and formal dress of the emperor and officials, the robe is the common dress of the hundred officials and the soldiers, and the skirt is the favorite dress of women. Ordinary working people generally wear short clothes on the top and long trousers on the bottom.

Hanfu etiquette

The crown ceremony is a men's rite of passage, and the children's hair is changed to the crown of the general hair.

The ceremony is a women's rite of passage, that is, the hair is tied behind the head and made into a bun.

Wedding is one of the gifts, which can be divided into sacrificial wedding ceremony, imperial wedding and public dress wedding.

Sacrifice is a ritual system of worshiping gods and ancestors, and it is the highest ritual in China.

Color classification of Hanfu

1. Blue Hanfu

2. Red Hanfu


Hanfu is the traditional national clothing inherited by the Han nation for more than 4,000 years, is a necessary component of the inherited etiquette culture, is a treasure in China's long and splendid culture, represents the aesthetics of the Chinese nation, carries the cultural connotation of the Chinese nation, the identification of Hanfu is part of the national consciousness, it is one of the representatives of the excellent culture of the Chinese nation, reflecting the generosity and easy-going and inclusive attitude of the Chinese people, fully demonstrating the charm of Chinese culture.


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