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Shanghai Travel Guide and Tips

Shanghai Tours Map

Shanghai, though the biggest city in China and the nation's financial heart, never appeared as a royal city back in Chinese history (weird more or less). So no palace, no imperial mausoleum here, probably not that bad if you happen fly from historical Beijing or Xi'an. So what we get here? A living 'Museum of International Architecture' in the Bund; breathtaking panoramic city view at 468 m high, on top of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and maybe a fancy meal its revolving restaurant; indigenous Shikumen architecture with poles and clothes seemly everywhere; older generations playing Mahjong from day to night in small alley; elegant and quiet Yu Garden as an arcadia in the modernity…

Discover Shanghai, a booming megalopolis blending the East and West, and ancient times with modernity. The 144-hour visa-free transit policy makes Shanghai a more convenient destination for transiting and short-stay passengers.

You can enjoy beautiful Chinese classical garden in Shanghai, marvel at the amazing cityscape of some world’s top-ranking skyscrapers, wander though local featured Shikumen houses aside narrow laneways, stroll along the Bund and Former French Concession with rich collections of west style historical architectures, explore interesting local life and fancy urbanism in one single trip with China Discovery’s excellent local tours.

Why visit Shanghai:

1. Marvel at Amazing Lujiazui Skyline in Shanghai. The most eye-catching Shanghai skyline lies in Lujiazui, opposite the Bund, where four iconic towers rear high into the sky. They are Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower (468 m/1,535 ft), Shanghai Tower (632 m/2,073 ft), Shanghai World Financial Center (492 m/1,614 ft) and Jinmao Tower (421 m/1,381 ft). The best place to spot the panoramic view of the four skyscrapers is the riverside viewing platform along the Bund. All travelers to Shanghai take good photos here as landmark check-in. Buildings with colorful lights shows are dazzling when reflected on the river.

2. Stroll along the Bund, Witness the West Meets the East. Stretching 1.5 km along the bank of the Huangu River from the Waibaidu Bridge, the Bund is the No.1 must-visit and most famous landmark in Shanghai.

3. Explore Chinese Classical Garden, Savor the Green Space at Yu Garden. Located in the old town of Shanghai, next to the City God Temple (Chenghuang Temple), Yu Garden is one of Shanghai’s most historical and famous tourist site.

Shanghai, The Paris of the East

The Magic City”, Shanghai shows amazing city sights like other metropolis, but is more famous for its unique charms of blended cultures.

Shanghai will be diverse and memorable for the city is brimming with lots of fun things to do.

Eexplore cultural fusion along the Bund and Former French Concession, admire traditional culture in Yu Garden and ancient temples, trace back to old China in Shanghai Museum, experience local life and flavor in Tianzifang, Xintiandi, spend wonderful nightlife by taking a Huangpu River Cruise, watching an Acrobatic Show, produce joyous family time in Disneyland, etc.

Night View of Lujiazui Skyscrapers

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower: Looming large over the city is the 468 metre futuristic TV

Shanghai Tower: At 2,073 feet, it's the second highest building on earth, topped only by Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Shanghai World Financial Center: mixed-use skyscraper in Shanghai, China, that is one of the tallest buildings in the world.

Travel ideas about Shanghai

For a classic Shanghai tour, there is no way to miss Jinmao Tower, check out the metropolitan by a birds-eye view at China’s tallest building (and 3rd tallest in the world), really not bad. The Bund also tops many travelers’ lists of what to see in Shanghai, those 100+ years old buildings are all living evidence for the city’s old glamour and prosperity. If you are a fan of shopping or good food, head over to Yuyuan Market, Tianzifang and Xintiandi, stroll around, discover gadget, bargain and eat, be sure you set aside an afternoon.

Go to a Water Town? Want to have something different? A short tour to water towns near Shanghai brings you that different experience. Like other super cities, Shanghai never lacks skyscrapers and shopping malls. But there are attracting water towns make Shanghai like no others, Zhujiajiao, Xitang for instance. What? Xitang belongs to Zhejiang Province, not to Shanghai, no big deal, 1 day is quite enough for a round trip!

Local Life Experience If schedule allows and you need more interaction with Shanghai, why not being a Shanghai people for 1 day. Start with a trip to local vegetable market with a housewife, pick materials while taking a crash course on how to bargain and win, cook and enjoy your own Shanghai lunch. Afternoon is left for Mahjong, a 'sport' with the largest playing population in China!

Try the Maglev? Maglev? Sure, let's take it between Pudong Airport and downtown, taste the extreme speed of 301km/h and gets your adrenaline level high, only US$8.

Top Attractions & Things to To in Shanghai

You will never feel bored when visiting the great metropolis of Shanghai, for the city displays various fascination through different kinds of tourist attractions and featured activities. In Shanghai, you can view modern skyscrapers, classical Chinese garden, ancient temples, Western-style architecture, local traditional residences, interesting themed museums, enjoy family-friendly sites, and spend wonderful nightlife to explore the old & new, the West & East styles of Shanghai.

Towering Lujiazui Skyscrapers

Towering Lujiazui Skyscrapers

No.2,Lane504,LujiazuiRoad, Shanghai

Looming large over the city is the 468 metre futuristic TV tower that you will either love or hate...

The Bund & Former French Concession

The Bund & Former French Concession

The Bund & Former French Concession - Explore Perfect Blend of the West and East.

The wonderful mixture of the Western and Oriental features of Shanghai is another charm appealing to numerous visitors. The Bund, stretching along the west bank of the Huangpu River, is the top 1 place to visit on Shanghai bucket list.

Yu Garden

Yu Garden

Yu Garden - Appreciate Chinese Classic Garden and Beauty.

Yu Garden, or called Yuyuan, located next to the City God Temple in Shanghai old town, is one of the most popular historical site in Shanghai. The garden is over 400-year-old and wildly deemed as a miniature of Suzhou classical gardens.

The Best Time to Visit Shanghai

The best time to visit Shanghai is from October to November. This short autumn season boasts comfortable temperatures and lacks the crowds and rain showers of summer – the peak tourism season. Winter travelers can encounter chilly weather, making urban exploration less enjoyable. The rising temps of spring offer a short sweet spot for travel, as long as you avoid the public holidays. Note that Shanghai is a business-centric city, so hotel rates usually drop over the weekends.

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