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Yu Garden - Facts, Attractions, Transportation, Weather

Yu Garden is located in Huangpu District, Shanghai, China, and is a historic garden scenic spot. The exquisite layout, beautiful scenery, and the artistic style of the garden architecture have made the garden one of the highlights of Shanghai.

In this comprehensive Yu Garden guide, we'll provide fascinating facts about Yu Garden Shanghai, highlight the attractions within the garden, and suggest the best routes to make the most of your visit to Shanghai. Embark on a memorable journey through Yu Garden Shanghai and create lasting memories in this enchanting oasis.

Yu Garden Facts

Yu Garden Shanghai

About Yu Garden & Bazaar

Yu Garden, built in the Ming Dynasty (1368AD - 1644AD), is a pleasant and well contained classical Chinese garden. The adjacent Yuyuan Bazaar is good for a browse for the antiques, arts, crafts, souvenirs, etc. If you like, taste some local snacks here.

Type: Gardens, Nature & Parks, Bazaar

Best Seasons: Spring/Summer/Winter

Recommended Visiting Time: about 2 hours

Opening Hours: 09:00-16:30, No entry after 16:00, closed on Monday

Tickets: Apr to Jun & Sep to Nov: CNY 40; Jul to Aug & Dec to Mar: CNY 30

Address: No. 168 Fuyou Street, Huangpu District, Shanghai 上海市黄浦区福佑路168号

Yu Garden Shanghai History

Yu Garden was built in the Qianlong period of the Ming Dynasty and has more than 400 years of history. Originally the private garden of a government official, it has since been expanded and restored several times to become one of Shanghai's most popular tourist attractions.

Yu Garden Landscape

Covering an area of about 2 hectares, Yu Garden consists of several small parks, including various ancient buildings, ancient wells, rockeries, ponds, covered bridges, flowers and trees, etc. The architecture of the park is full of traditional Chinese features, such as Ming and Qing dynasty architecture, carvings, paintings, and tiles.

What to See in Yu Garden (Attractions & Things to Do)

When it comes to dining, the area around Yu Garden does not disappoint. You'll find numerous restaurants and food stalls serving up local Shanghainese cuisine, as well as dishes from other regions of China.

The most famous among these is the Nanxiang Bun Restaurant, renowned for its Xiao Long Bao, a type of soup dumpling that is a specialty of Shanghai. The dumplings are delicate, with a rich broth and succulent filling that is simply mouth-watering.

If you're looking for something more substantial, head to Lu Bo Lang Restaurant, a favorite among locals and tourists alike. This restaurant is famous for its Shanghai-style dishes, including the popular Braised Pork Belly and River Shrimp with Crab Roe. With its elegant decor and views of the bustling Yuyuan Bazaar, it's the perfect place to relax in Shanghai and enjoy a meal after exploring the garden.

For a quick snack, try the street food vendors around the Yu Ganden Bazaar. They offer a variety of tasty bites, including fried dumplings, roasted chestnuts, and scallion pancakes. These are perfect for munching on as you explore the bustling market or relax in the tranquil garden.

The Nine-Bend Bridge is the iconic architectural feature of Yuyuan Garden
Overlooking the panoramic view of Yuyuan Garden

How to Visit Yu Garden Shanghai (Recommended Route & Tours)

Shanghai Yu Garden Location & How to Get to Yu Garten

Yu Garden is located in the historic district of southern Shanghai, forming part of the renowned Yu Garden area along with Shanghai City God Temple and Yu Garden Bazaar. The precise address is No. 168 Fuyou Street, Huangpu District, Shanghai.

Moreover, Yu Garden is conveniently situated within a 3-kilometer radius of other popular Shanghai tourist attractions, including the Bund, Nanjing Road, and Shanghai Tower, allowing for easy access to these sites.

How to Get There

You can easily reach Yu Garden by bus, subway, or taxi. The most recommended methods of transportation are taxis or the subway.

Subway: The nearest subway station to Yu Garden is Yuyuan Station (豫园站) on Line 10 of the Shanghai Metro. Take Exit 7 and walk for approximately 6 minutes to reach the garden. Bus: Buses such as No. 11, 26, 64, 66, 126, 715, 920, 926, 929, 930, and 969 will take you to Yuyuan Station. Additionally, you can also take Shanghai Sightseeing Bus Line 1 to reach Yu Garden. Taxi: It is advisable to avoid taking a taxi during weekdays between 4 PM and 6 PM, as well as on weekends, due to the one-way streets and potential traffic congestion in Shanghai.

Shanghai Yu Garden Opening Hours and Tickets

The opening hours of Yu Garden in Shanghai are from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM, with the last entry at 4:00 PM. The garden is closed on Mondays.

The entrance fee is CNY 40 from April to June and September to November, and CNY 30 during other months. Yu Garden offers both online and offline ticketing services. Online ticketing is available through platforms such as WeChat Official Account, Ctrip, Meituan, Qunar, and Tongcheng.

Recommended Yu Garden Visiting Route

Exploring Yu Garden, Yu Garden Bazaar, and City God Temple typically takes around 2-3 hours. You can follow the suggested itinerary below to ensure you don't miss out on the highlights:

South Gate of Yu Garden - Sansui Hall - Wanhua Chamber - Dianchun Hall - Huijing Hall - Yuhua Hall - Inner Garden - West Gate of Yu Garden - Nine-turning Bridge - Huxinting Pavilion - Yuyuan Bazaar - Old City God Temple

How to Plan A Yu Garden Visit During Shanghai Tour

When planning a Yu Garden visit during your Shanghai tour, consider spending at least half a day exploring the garden and its surrounding areas thoroughly. It's ideal to visit in the morning when it's less crowded, giving you ample time to soak in the tranquil atmosphere.

Jiyu Water Corridor (Huijing Hall):

This hundred-meter-long water corridor is the longest of its kind in classical Jiangnan gardens. Strolling along its winding path creates an immersive experience akin to stepping into a traditional Chinese painting.

Yulinglong Stone (Yuhua Hall):

This intricately patterned and fissured rock, originating from Lake Tai, is a treasured centerpiece of Yu Garden. Its hollows and cracks allow smoke to escape when incense is lit at its base, creating a spectacular sight. It is renowned as one of the most famous stones in Shanghai and one of the three famous stones in Jiangnan.

Ancient Theater Stage (Inner Garden):

The unique coffered ceiling of the ancient theater stage is a standout feature, resembling a dome with 22 rings intersected by 20 curved lines. It adheres to acoustic principles, ensuring excellent sound projection even without amplification equipment.

Explore Yu Garden Area during the Shanghai Tour

Yu Garden Bazaar

Located near the garden, the Yu Garden Bazaar is a bustling marketplace where you can shop for traditional Chinese arts and crafts, including silk robes, jade jewelry, and teapots. Explore the labyrinth of small streets and lanes, where vendors sell everything from dumplings to dragon kites. It's the perfect place to pick up a unique souvenir or try a local snack.

Nine-turn Bridge & Huxinting Tea House

The Nine-turn Bridge, connecting to the main entrance of Yu Garden, is the most striking feature of the garden. This winding bridge is not only a picturesque spot for photography but also carries profound symbolism in the philosophy of China. In Chinese culture, the number nine is considered lucky, and the zigzag pattern is believed to protect the garden from evil spirits. At night, the bridge illuminates with colorful lights, creating a captivating scene that visitors should not miss.

Crossing the Nine-turn Bridge leads to the Huxinting Tea House, a traditional and exquisite venue for relaxing and enjoying tea. It is renowned for hosting foreign dignitaries, including the Queen of England, making it a must-visit destination in Shanghai.

Old City God Temple (Chenghuang Miao)

Connected to Yu Garden is the Taoist temple - Old City God Temple, also known as Chenghuang Miao, located within the Yu Garden Bazaar. It is another must-visit attraction near Yu Garden. As one of the most important Taoist temples in Shanghai, it serves as a vibrant place of worship and cultural center, featuring impressive architecture and a serene atmosphere. After exploring Yu Garden, it is worth visiting this temple with a 600-year history.

Best Time to Visit Yu Garden Shanghai

The best time to visit Yu Garden is during spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November). During these seasons, the weather in Shanghai is most pleasant. In spring, the garden comes alive with blooming flowers, creating a vibrant and refreshing atmosphere. On the other hand, autumn brings a different charm to Yu Garden. The golden ginkgo leaves paint a picturesque scene, casting a warm and enchanting glow throughout the garden.

The garden is also less crowded on weekdays and in the early mornings, making these ideal times for a visit during your Shanghai tour.

Xiao Long Bao - one of the most famous local snacks in Shanghai
Delicious Soup-filled Buns

Nearby Attractions

  • The Bund: Symbolic of colonial Shanghai, the Bund has dozens of buildings of various architectural styles.
  • Nanjing Road is Shanghai's busiest shopping street lined with top-end shopping malls, old-brand shops, and traditional eateries.
  • City God Temple: It is one of the most popular scenic areas as well as a shopping center for travelers.

Tour Yu Garden with Us

Yu Garden Shanghai is a classic Chinese garden with a rich history and culture. English signage and introductions in the garden are limited. Traveling with a professional guide is advisable. You might also want to know more about the history and the design philosophy behind Yu Garden. Our local guide is knowledgeable and happy to share these with you.We are more than happy to offer a guide service and tailor-make a tour for you.

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