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Popular Shanghai Chinese Food, Snacks & Cuisines

Popular Shanghai Chinese Food, Snacks & Cuisines

Chinese cuisine is amongst the tastiest and healthiest cuisines in the world, while Shanghai food is amongst the healthiest in China. As an international megacity, Shanghai has an all-encompassing inventory of both foreign and local food.
So, what should you eat? With so many incredible food choices and so little time, how do you make the best of your trip? Luckily, there is really no bad food in Shanghai. Here, we have listed the most popular local dishes and unmissable snacks with the top-recommended restaurants, from the little steamed bun - Xiaolongbao to the oddly yummy crabs. Whether it’s cheap eats or fancy dining, there is an option that meets every traveler’s budget.

To make your food more colorful and interesting in Shanghai, we have digged out the featured snacks with lots of fun. It could be unique experience and even once-in-lifetime experience. Choose your likes and enjoy!

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