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Xi'an Travel Guide and Tips

Xi'an Tours Map

Xi'an, the ancient capital of 13 imperial dynasties, offers you much to discover and explore. You can visit the Terracotta Warriors to witness the history of mighty imperial ancient China, hike the incredible Ancient City Wall to get a lifetime memory to experience the authentic local life...all of your dreams about the charming Xi'an can be true in our Xi'an tours.

Xi'an is characterized by and is proud of its ancient heritage, such as the world-renowned Terracotta Army. A visit to Xi'an is often at the top of a traveler's to-do list.

Why visit Xi'an:

1. Terracotta Warriors and Horses - Terracotta Warriors and Horses is the highlight of Xian.

2. Ancient Capital - No city in China is like Xian with such abundant history.

3. Stroll or cycle on the ancient City Wall for a nice view of Xi'an city.

Have a pleasant stroll to taste local snacks and buy souvenirs at the Muslim Quarter.

Pay a visit to Shaanxi History Museum to discover the culture and history of China.

How To Plan A Trip To Xi'an

It may be overwhelming for everyone, not only you, to plan a perfect trip to Xi'an, such an amazing city which is full of history and culture as well as thousands of hotels, attractions, shops, and restaurants, that’s why we stand out to help.

Our Xi'an Trip Planner is the best tool which aims to help to focus on where to go, where to stay, where to eat, when to go and more vital travel information you need to know before you go, such as Visa-free Policy, city transfer, etc.

Terracotta Warriors

Xi'an is one of the four Chinese capitals of the world's ancient civilizations, with a history of over 3,000 years. Read more about the History of Xi'an.

Xi'an boasts numerous historical sites and cultural relics, including 72 imperial tombs and over 700 historical sites from ancient pagodas to the city wall. Six of them were inscribed on the World Heritage List, including the Terracotta Warriors and Horses and Big Wild Goose Pagoda.

As famous as its cultural heritage, the variety of local snacks is another feature of Xi'an. It is said that there are over 1,000 kinds of snacks in Xi'an.

Xi'an's 144-hour visa-free transit policy makes Xi'an a more convenient destination.

Weather & When to Go

Xi'an is featured in the temperate and continental monsoon climate. Weather differs in different season. January is the coldest month with an average temperature of -4 °C. Hottest month is July with average temperature of 26 °C.

September and October are the best months to visit Xi'an. In autumn days, Xi'an greets tourist with pleasant cool weather, better air condition and golden autumn landscape. But actually Xi'an is suitable for travel all year around. You can explore different landscape and culture in different season. If you come between December and February, you have chance to witness constant temple fair and the jubilant Spring Festival.

Top Attractions & Places to Visit

Xi'an is rich in various historical sites; however, if you have limited time to visit, the most classic attractions, like Terracotta Warriors and Horses and Ancient City Wall will be your best choice. Check them below for detailed information. If you have more time, you can see all Attractions in Xi'an for more information of Xian highlighting sites.

Terracotta Warriors and Horses

Terracotta Warriors and Horses

They call it the eighth wonder of the world because it is the funerary object of Emperor Qingshihuang (259~210 BC), the first Emperor of China.

Witness the most significant archeological excavation of the 20th century — the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, accompanied by an expert guide.

Ancient City Wall

Ancient City Wall

The Ancient City Wall is a wonderful testimony to the engineering and construction skills of the ancient Chinese. Walk or bike around the wall is awesome.

This extremely well-preserved city wall is a wonderful testimony to the engineering and construction skills of the ancient Chinese people. Walking or biking around the wall is awe-inspiring with interesting and different views of the old and new parts of Xian.

Mt. Huashan

Mt. Huashan

Mount Huashan is especiallly famous as the root of Chinese culture. You will encounter with the world most dangerous hiking trail, gorgeous sceneries, temples...

Mount Huashan or Huashan (华山) is one of the famous “Five Mountains” in China, and more importantly, it is the original place of Chinese Civilization. The “Hua” in the Chinese words of “Zhong Hua” (中华, means China) and “Hua Xia” (华夏, the ancient name for China) just came from the Hua Shan (Mount Huashan). Reputed as a holy mountain of Chinese nation, Huashan Mountain is also praised as the “Root of Huaxia (China)”.

The Best Time to Visit Xi'an

The best time to visit Xi'an is in spring and autumn when the weather is cool but not too cold. The rainy season occurs from July to September, although there isn't much rain.
Try to avoid the Labor Day holiday (May 1 — 3) and the National Day holiday (October 1 — 7) when all tourist sites are crowded with Chinese people.

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