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What years are the Year of the Rat - What are the years of the Rat

For rat people, it is the year of the sentence. Although it will be slightly better than the year of the Chong Tai year and the natal year, in many aspects, it is still necessary to be careful, otherwise, the life of the rat man will fall into a very difficult situation. In the year of the rabbit, although the luck of the rat people is not optimistic, they can still get the help of many auspicious stars, such as "Red Plover", "Luxun", "Fuxing" and "Tiande" and so on. As a peach blossom star, "Red Plover" can make the relationship between rat people more harmonious, no matter what you do, you can get the help and promotion of people around you, and in terms of feelings, you can also reap good results. "Luxun" Jixing can help rat people to be promoted and raised and can make certain progress in the workplace, "Tiande" Jixing is a noble star, and "Fuxing" can bring good luck and blessings to rat people.

The zodiac rat is the first, followed by the Year of the Ox, for these zodiac years, do you know which years are the Year of the Rat? There is a year of the rat every 12 years, so how can you tell if this year is the year of the rat? If you want to know what years are the years of the rat and what are the five elements of the rat, let's take a look at the introduction of the perpetual calendar.

Year of the Rat

The year of the genus Rat

The years of the genus Rat are: 2044, 2032, 2020, 2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960, 1948, 1936, 1924, etc.

The rat is a person with an intelligent personality, wit, lack of patience, good thinking, cautious people, often able to observe details, his person is kind and alert, friendly to people, and has a good popularity. Those who belong to the rat, although they are worth too old in the year of the rat, but their fortune is not bad.

Small disasters and small difficulties, difficult to disturb great luck, must be calm, and live in peace, then after the storm can see good luck, everything can be done, and wealth is prosperous. Remember not to be lazy, but to be diligent in self-denial, to do more good deeds, to help others, and to accumulate blessings. Then everything is prosperous, disasters can be removed, the wind and rain are smooth, luck is auspicious, great luck can be carried out, family harmony, life is healthy, and everything is done.

Year of the Rat

The method of determining whether it is a year of the rat is:

The year number divided by 12 and the remainder is 4, both are years of the rat. The formula is: AD number÷12 = some quotient, and the remainder is 4.

For example: 2008÷12=167••4. Then 2008 is the Year of the Rat.

Note that the above is only a rough correspondence, because the world-wide Gregorian calendar and the Chinese dry branch calendar are two different calendars.

Year of the Rat

What are the five elements of the rat man

Among them, the five people born in 1942 and 1984 have a bold and atmospheric personality, but they act sloppily and recklessly, and suffer when they are young, and they will not succeed until their later years.

The people born in 1936 and 1996 are a person who is good at disguising himself, and they are actually very scheming on the surface, and they are a person who succeeds by strategy.

People born in 1948 and 2008 are hot-tempered people who do things impulsively, have no self-control, but have better luck, have more opportunities in life, and can achieve success if they can fix their shortcomings such as self-improvement.

People born in 1960 and 2020 are a thorough egoist, they will invest a lot of time in their work, they will become unscrupulous for their own interests, moral restraints have no effect on them, they can obtain rights by insidious and other means, and if Kefu's own ruthless nature obtains the support of more people, he can achieve more.

People born in 1912 and 1972 are five people who are talented in product sales, can achieve certain results in business, are difficult to make a fortune in the early years, and meet nobles in middle age and then show their strength.

Year of the Rat

The rat zodiac sign matches best with what

Zodiac rats and zodiac dragons

The rat man and the dragon man together are a pair made in heaven and earth. Both of them belong to the crisp, decisive and brave character. Confidence and steadiness make you trust each other more, and the mode of getting along is very friendly, and you will leave each other a certain amount of privacy. You all face life with a positive and optimistic attitude; And good at creating the joy of life from married life. Your family life is very good. Zodiac dragons are energetic, bold and full of pioneering spirit. Zodiac rats are smart and sociable. The dragon people are immersed in happiness and feel very satisfied because they experience the faithful and optimistic love attitude of the rat people; The rat people also regard each other as heroes in their hearts and are willing to follow their life and death to the ends of the earth. In terms of economy, the two of you can be said to be dragons, good at making money and earning; Rat people can spend money, but they also know how to manage money, and diligence and thrift have been properly and perfectly combined.

Zodiac rats and zodiac monkeys

The zodiac rat and the zodiac monkey are a very happy couple. You have a strong and good mentality in common, can understand each other's sufferings and difficulties, and tolerate each other's shortcomings and willfulness. Whether you are dividing labor or cooperating, you can have a clear understanding, and on the road of life, you strive together, support each other, and accompany each other to success together. The rat people are attracted to the gentleness and understanding of the monkey people, while the monkey people appreciate the tenacity and self-motivation of the rat people. Caring and understanding are the best glue for any differences between you. You keep tapping into each other's potential. So together you can create a happy, prosperous family. Monkey people are good at thinking and can always strategize and win thousands of miles away. Rat people are good at running the house and keeping everything in the family in order. The rat man's hard work and thrift are often appreciated by his other half, and his optimism and casualness also fill the family with a happy atmosphere.

Zodiac rats and zodiac cows

Zodiac rats and zodiac cows together are the most perfect pair. Cattle people are loyal enough, loyal to their lover, and always maintain a close relationship, which makes your passion and romantic psychology dependent. In terms of family obligations, you have a very good understanding, you are able to consider each other, and you are willing to share more responsibilities. This tacit cooperation makes your recognition of each other go to a higher level. Zodiac rat people are good at raising their families, with ideals and determination to pursue goals, while cattle people will also take care of each other's everything, with unique loyalty, simplicity and hard work with the other half to build the love nest more warm and solid. In addition, the merry, long-sleeved rat man can also skillfully use his affection to make a slightly stubborn partner gentle and beautiful.


The above is the content of "what years is the year of the rat and what are the years of the rat" compiled by the perpetual calendar editor, I hope it can bring you help.


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