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Beijing los angeles flight

How long does it take to travel from Beijing, China to Los Angeles, USA? Due to the different flight routes, the flight time is different, and direct flights from Beijing to Los Angeles (3-4 times a day) take 12 hours, and connecting flights take 14 hours and 10 minutes or more. There are many flights such as Air China, American Airlines, United Airlines, etc., of course, the transit cost is much lower, let's take a look at how long the flight time from Beijing to Los Angeles is, how far it is.

Map of Beijing los angeles flight

Flights from Beijing to Los Angeles take around 17 hours 45 minutes, including the layover, and bring you to Terminal B in Los Angeles.

How many kilometers is the distance between Beijing and Los Angeles

The straight distance in the air is approximately 10,031.00 km (6,233.00 mi)

Beijing, China flies to Los Angeles, USA

The flight from Beijing Capital Airport to Los Angeles Airport and then walk to World Route (downtown) takes approximately 12 hours and 18 minutes, including the following recommended Los Angeles transit times.

15 hours 10 minutes + Korea via Seoul
15 hours 0 minutes + ANA via Tokyo
15 hours 10 minutes+ Air China, Alaska Airlines via San Francisco
15 hours 20 minutes+ Air China, American Airlines via San Francisco
15 hours 25 minutes + JAL via Tokyo
15 hours 40 minutes+ China Southern Airlines via Seiyang
15 hours 45 minutes+ Air Canada via Vancouver
15 hours 45 minutes+ China Eastern via Shanghai
15 hours 50 minutes+ United via San Francisco
15 hours 50 minutes+ Hainan Airlines, American Airlines via San Jose
15 hours 55 minutes+ Delta Air Lines via Seattle
16 hours 0 minutes+ PHA Air via Taipei City
16 hours 20 minutes + Korean Air via Seoul


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