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Tibet Travel Clothing

What clothes should I wear when traveling in Tibet? What time of clothing should I pack? What should I wear for Tibet travel? These are all the usual questions asked by travelers who are heading for Tibet. In fact, it hinges on when you'll go to Tibet. If you go there in the low season (from November to April), casual clothing and comfortable walking shoes are the must for your trip to Tibet. Make sure to take warm clothing as it is quite chilly and cold during the nights and early morning. It is very important to keep warm and avoid getting chilled on Tibet travel, as the weather on the plateau is quite changeable and there is a large temperature difference between day and night in Tibet. So the clothes, like heavy jacket, warm layers, trousers, sweaters, woolen shirts, are indispensable.

Other accessories stuff like, gloves, warm hat and carves are also important. Of course, If you have chance to visit Tibet in high season from May to October, light overcoat or raincoat is a special notice for you, as it's the rainy season in Tibet. For the normal garments, light Jacket, shirts, shorts, light shoes, are also necessary. In addition, as the altitude of Tibet is high, the ultraviolet ray is much stronger than in plain. Thus, it's better to bring the things like sunglasses, sun screen lotion, sun hat, etc. Though the high season is in summer time, there is still large temperature difference between day and night. It's hot in the noon, but chilly in the morning. These are the clothes information from us to ensure you a safe and memorable travel in Tibet.

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