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Tibet Flights

Tibet Flights Information is kindly provided for those who want to fly to Tibet by air. In past ten years, the air transportation in Tibet is well improved. Tibet has totally five airports, among which Lhasa Gonggar Airport and Nyingchi Milin Airport two are for travelers to use. Taking a flight to Lhasa is the easiest way to get to Tibet with just few hours from China major cities or from Nepal. There are more than 20 flights flying to or out of Tibet everyday. If you plan to fly to Tibet, this page can make your flight plan more feasible. Tibet Flight Timetable may help you know specific schedule about the flights from and to Tibet. The price list of Tibet Airfare is a good reference for your budget. Booking early can offer better opportunities of getting the cheapest Tibet airline tickets, especially during high seasons. Aside from providing detailed information on Tibet Flights, we also help purchase the discount Tibet flight tickets.

Chengdu / Lhasa / Chengdu Flight Timetable

Flying Time: 2 hours; Distance: 13345km; Schedule: Daily; Airfare: RMB1500+100(Tax).

Beijing / Lhasa / Beijing Flight Timetable

Flying Time: 5hrs, 40mins; Distance: 3004km; Schedule: Daily; Airfare: RMB2430+100(Tax).

Shanghai / Lhasa / Shanghai Flight Timetable

Flying Time: 6 hours; Distance: 3107km; Schedule: Daily; Airfare: RMB2760+100 (Tax).

Xian / Lhasa / Xian Flight Timetable

Flying Time: 2.5 hours; Distance: 1980km; Schedule: Daily; Airfare: RMB1650+100 (Tax).

Chongqing / Lhasa / Chongqing Flight Timetable

Flying Time: 2hrs, 20mins; Distance: 1585km; Schedule: Daily; Airfare: RMB1630+100 (Tax).

Kunming / Lhasa / Kunming Flight Timetable

Flying Time: 3hrs, 35mins; Distance: 1963km; Schedule: Daily; Airfare: RMB1960+100(Tax).

Guangzhou / Lhasa / Guangzhou Flight Timetable

Flying Time: 5 hours; Distance: 2651km; Schedule: Daily; Airfare: RMB2500+100(Tax).

Diqing / Lhasa / Diqing Flight Timetable

Flying Time: 1hrs, 25mins; Distance: 1573km; Schedule: Daily; Airfare: RMB1380+100(Tax).

Kathmandu / Lhasa / Kathmandu Flight Timetable

Flying Time: 3hrs, 20mins; Distance: 619km; Schedule: Tue/Thu/Sat.; Airfare: USD205.

Chengdu / Nyingchi / Chengdu Flight Timetable

Flying Time: 2hours; Distance: 1190km; Schedule: Mon/Fri/Sun.; Airfare: RMB1380+100(Tax).

Chamdo / Lhasa / Chamdo Flight Timetable

Flying Time: 1hrs, 15mins; Distance: 715km; Schedule: Tuesday; Airfare: RMB1100+100(Tax).

Chamdo / Chengdu / Chamdo Flight Timetable

Flying Time: 1hr, 10mins; Distance: 769km; Schedule: Wed; Airfare: RMB830+100(Tax).

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