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How to Get to Tibet

There are mainly three ways to get into Tibet: by Air, by Railway or by Land. Any of them can make your Tibet dream come true.

Get to Tibet by Air

The most convenient way to access Tibet seems to be by air. From within China, Most travelers fly to Lhasa from Chengdu but it is also possible from Kunming and a few other Chinese cities. Tibet’s airlines mainly connect Lhasa and other major cities of China. There are four airports in Tibet, Lhasa Gonggar Airport, Chamdo Bangda Airport, Nyingchi Milin Airport and Ngari Gunsa Airport and newly built Shigatse Airport. From outside China, it is only possible from Kathmandu, Nepal. Tickets can be purchased abroad, but you can also get to Nepal or China and then book from there. All flight tickets must be purchased through a travel agency.

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Get to Tibet by Train

The Qinghai-Tibet railway completed in July 2006 provides a new option for travelers to get to Tibet by train. You can take the train all the way from Beijing to Lhasa. The Tibet train equipped with an oxygen providing system might help you acclimatize to the altitude a bit better. At present, there are seven railway lines to Lhasa from Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Lanzhou, Xining, Chongqing and Chengdu. The Tibet train will also cross several famous sightseeing spots along the railway. Though get to Tibet via train is slow, but the beautiful scenery passing by will make this experience worthy of your time and energy.

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Get to Tibet By Land

There are five highways linking Tibet with the outside of the world. Driving a 4 wheel vehicle to Tibet provides an incredible experience of lifetime.

Land Route 1: Qinghai (Xining) to Lhasa, 1160 kilometers, via Qinghai-Tibet Highway, one of the highest highway in the world.

Land Route 2: Sichuan (Chengdu) to Lhasa, 2413 kilometers, via Sichuan-Tibet Highway passing Ya'an, Garze, Chamdo.

Land Route 3: Yunnan (Kunming) to Lhasa, 2317 kilometers via Yunnan-Tibet Highway. Dianzang Road covers a distance of 714 km. August to October is the best season for driving on Dianzang Road.

Land Route 4: Xinjiang (Yecheng) to Lhasa, 2743 kilometers via Xinjiang-Tibet Highway (Yecheng-Burang). The road will be blocked by snow in winter and spring and it's impossible to travel.

Land Route 5: Kathmandu to Lhasa via Friendship Highway. It starts from Kathmandu, traverses SinoNepal Friendship Bridge and crosses Shigatse to the capital of Tibet-Lhasa with a distance of more than 900 km. It is easy to have a view of Mt.Everest when take this road.

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