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Shopping in Tibet

Tibet, though features its scenic fantasies and historical wonders, a trip to Tibet is also cannot be said a complete one without a long shopping spree there, even if you have explored all the touristy destinations. Shopping in Tibet, with time fly, has appealed to great interest in travelers and now people often travel to Tibet for its shopping bonanza. That's how fascinating and unique the experience of shopping in Tibet is. The first ideal place for people's shopping desire in Tibet goes to Lhasa, where you can buy many merchandise featuring its local characters, e.g. cotton clothing, mugs, canned food, towels, toothpaste, local handicrafts, etc. When people are in Tibet (especially in Lhasa), the Barkhor Street is a wonderful shopping area for the tourists.

Various shops can be seen standing on both sides of the street and thousands of floating stands are on every corner. You can easily find accessories made of turquoise (local famous stone), Tibetan knives, 'Thangka' (the Tibetan scroll painting), the prayer wheels, long-sleeve 'chuba' (the Tibetan people's traditional clothes), even bookstore and supermarket. And what makes your trip more interesting in this shopping area is that you can bargain with the sellers. Of course, the shopping area is not only on this street in Lhasa. You can also find shops and stores, like Lhasa Department Store, a general department store, located on the west end of Yuthok Lu. Anyway, few words can express everything you can shop there, you have to do it in person, experience it and enjoy it!

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