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Health Tips

Health concern is one the most important issue tourists care about when traveling in Tibet. You will not only be exposed to climate and altitude extremes, but also the huge temperature variation between day and night. What's more, sun rays are much stronger because of the little atmosphere at this elevation. Therefore, having Mountain Sickness, catching cold or getting sunburnt are the most frequent psychotic reactions during Tibet tours. Travellers need to get fully preparation for disease in Tibet, since some of them may result in serious consequences. Consult your doctor to get some medical advice before you travel to Tibet. In your first aid kit, in addition to the normal bandages, salves, etc. one should include medicine for diarrhea, giardiasis, hepatitis, colds, influenza and bronchitis.

Use lotions and sun creams to keep your skin moisturized whenever you are out in Tibet. Drinking water should be purified and boiled. Since the boiling point of water is somewhat lower in Tibet, it is better to boil water for a longer period of time. Stay away from wild dogs roaming around monasteries and villages which are common in Tibet. Also, keep your distance from wild animals, such as wild yaks, Tibetan antelopes in remote Tibet areas, for safety's sake. Major towns in Tibet have hospitals with basic medical facilities and treatments. Western pharmaceutical treatment, Tibetan and Chinese herbal remedies are also accessible. Oxygen intake and medicine can be obtained from local clinics and pharmacies, most of them on Yuthok Lu in Lhasa.

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