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Tibet Handicrafts

Tibet Craftworks

Tibet Knives

Tibet Knives are traditional and well-known handicrafts with a peculiar style. They are indispensable in the life of herdsmen. Tibetans use them as the tools to defend, to slaughter livestock and to eat meat. There are two categories: one for man and another for woman. Men's knives tend to be more curly and sharper while women's are delicate. The most famous Tibet knives are Lhasa Knife and XieTongMen Knife in Shigatse Region, whose delicate decorations are unique from those in other regions. Shigatse knives are usually made of fine steel, with other materials like bronze, silver, iron, sharkskin, ox horn, agate and wood for decoration. Moreover, with the complicated producing process, some of them are studded with gems. Thus, they are more expensive than the normal knives.

Tibet Carpets / Rug

Tibet carpets, include backing carpets, saddle carpets, sleeping carpets and normal carpets, are made from pure sheep wool. In general, Tibet carpets involve complicate craftworks, reflecting the intelligence of Tibetan people, such as: swimming dragons, running deer, flying phoenixes, flying butterflies, mountains and waters. It is a combination of practicality and charm and has been famous all over the world.

Masks (types of facial make-up in opera; pattern of the make-up)

Referring to Tibetan sculpture, there is one more special kind handicraft-mask, which is called Ba in Tibetan and mainly used in the various folk performances. Generally speaking, they are divided into "a dance to worship deity mask", "hanging mask" and "Tibetan opera mask". The first kind masks are mainly used in some important festivals, including the masks of ghosts, Gods, immortals and animal totems while the second ones are usually related to people's daily life. Usually, it has an inclination of expression and symbolization, which is extensive and exaggerated. The styles of Tibetan masks are diverse from region to region. The masks in the mid-Tibet are serious while those in the east of Tibet are monstrous.

Thangka (A scroll painting in Tibet)

Thangka is a very popular art in Tibetan painting. It is the most special art form in Tibetan paintings, similar to the scroll painting in other regions in China. Someone believe that the source of thangka is closely related to the scroll painting of China, while others believe that it derives from the painting forms of India and Nepal. The species of thangka are various. Its size may be over ten square meters or only smaller than one square meter. In general, its size is between one and two square meters. Thangka has various categories. It may be divided into three categories: embroidery, painting and printing.

Silver Ornaments

Tibetan bracelets are usually having a sense of primitive simplicity and mystique with Sanskrit carved on the surfaces. Tibetans wear crescent-shaped silver ornaments, which symbolize purity studded with agate gems symbolizing health and good luck. Red or blue Tibetan ornaments imply that the owner has a strong will to survive in the nature. It needs to be pointed out that there is a grain on the back side of genuine Tibetan ornaments. Also, the grain is not carved or printed, but is melted on it with brass wires through them.

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