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Ngari Telecom Hotel

Location:Residents commitee, Zhensen Road, Shiquanhe

Distance from shiquanhe: 50km

Sightseeing around: Mount Kailash

Hotel Name and Address in Chinese:



In Telecom hotel, the rooms are good enough for one night's stay even though there is no running water.

Shiquanhe Town is where the administrative authority of the Ngari Prefecture is located and is the political, economic, cultural and communication center of Ngari. The town is situated on a wild gobi desert. Because it is beside Shiquanhe river, which is in the upper reaches of India River, it is called as Shiquanhe town. Though Shiquanhe is the largest town in the west of Tibet, the hotel conditions are still not good. The flight between Lhasa and Ali will make Shiquanhe to be the second Lhasa.

All shops and restaurants in the town face the streets, and public telephone facilities are available everywhere. On the roofs and walls of many Tibetan-style dwelling houses are heaps of dry roots of rose willow used as kindling. On the open gobi, the town is small and bustling with activity and vitality.

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