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Recommended Bars in Lhasa

Recommended Bars in Lhasa

Bars in Lhasa give off unique exotic flavors and attract tourists a lot. Though the bars in Lhasa are not as many as those in the metropolises of mainland China and the level of the bars in Lhasa is also lower than big cites, here we also would like to share some recommended bars in Lhasa.

Makye Ame

“Makye Ame” means an unmarried girl or an unsophisticated girl in Tibetan language. It is not only an ethnic theme restaurant combining a folk cabaret with decent but pricey food and surprisingly enjoyable décor, but also the most famous and comfortable bar in Tibet.

Makye Ame is renowned as a romantic place in Lhasa due to a beautiful story between the sixth Dalai Lama Tsangyang Gyatso and a beautiful girl.

One day Tsangyang Gyatso was having a rest at Makye Ame, which was used to the residential place for the sixth Dalai Lama, Tsangyang Gyatso three hundred years ago. Suddenly, a pretty young girl unveiled the door curtain, looking inside. Her moon-like face shone the tavern, as well as Tsangyang Gyatso's heart.

But after that, he never saw the girl again and wrote a poem, “Rising from the highest mountaintop/ is the bright and glamorous moon/ It reminds me of the smile of Makye Ame/ which shines in the depths of my heart.” No matter the story is true or not, it does add romantic atmosphere to the Makey Ame.

“Ganglamedo” means “Snowdrop” in Tibetan. What a beautiful name it is. The Ganglamedo Café & Bar is located on Barkhor Street and managed by a woman from Dalian city. It is a complex place with more music records and paintings than other bars. Entering the doo, you will be welcomed by many elaborate canvases and watercolor paintings with the set in Tibet. The strong artistic atmosphere will make you in inebriation.

Actually, Ganglamedo is also a restaurant. It provides Tibetan, Nepal, Western and Chinese food, books and music, tasty coffee and pizza, beer and paintings.

Every night, twenty Tibetan folk artists will give two sets of 100-minutes-long performances, including Tibetan folk songs, dances, opera and Tibetan ethnic fashion show.

Such a romantic and exotic place! Why not go there and order a cup of barley wine, watch the Tibetan performances?


Located at Beijing Middle Road in Lhasa, Backpacker is one of the most popular bars in Lhasa running by two enthusiastic young men come from Beijing. It was opened due to that the two young men fell in love with the city of Lhasa when they travel to Tibet for the first time. They are really the typical young men of enthusiasm and impulse!

Though it is a newly opened bar, it has become a gathering place for tourists to Lhasa. The Backpacker offers delicious Tibetan specialty including yoghurt and beef cakes, and also latest news of anyplace as well as travel information in Tibet.

National Music Country

The bar is operated by a musician, who takes characteristic music as the theme of the bar. It is a good place for relaxation.

Low House Music Bar

The bar was opened in 2005 and run by two young men from Lanzhou. It is a must-visit place for tourists fond of music. In the bar, tourists can enjoy different music, traditional Tibetan music, Nepali music and Indian music.

The Low House Music Bar has ancient wooden structures that could be dated back to years ago. It was said to be the residence of the 11th Dalai Lama, Khedrup Gyatso.

There are also other bars in Lhasa, but tourists to Tibet are not advised to drink alcohol on their first two days in Tibet because it is dangerous for travelers to drink before fully acclimation of the high altitude of Tibet. You can go there order some Tibetan snacks and feel the exotic atmosphere there.

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